How long does Waffle Batter last?

How long does Waffle Batter last

Those sweet crispy waffles with some butter and maple syrup at breakfast do prepare us for the hectic day ahead. Don’t they? 

If the batter-making process is eliminated, making fresh waffles every morning can be simple. 

Wondering whether the freshly prepared Waffle batter will last till the next time you decide to make it.

If so, we are here to answer all your queries regarding how long does waffle batter last and how you can store it.

Let’s jump right into it.

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Waffle Batter PlaceTime it will remain fresh 
In Fridge 2 to 5 days
In Freezer1 to 2 months
On Counter 2 hours
Pouring a Batter in Waffle maker

How long does Waffle Batter last?

Waffle Batter is similar to Pancake batter. It has mostly the same ingredients, which don’t last that long. 

Therefore, you should be mindful of where and how you store the waffle batter because that determines the shelf-life of the waffle batter. 

Let’s know how long does waffle batter last in the fridge, the freezer, and the counter.

In Fridge

You want to have fresh waffles for your breakfast. But you don’t have much time in the morning. 

You can prepare a new batch of waffle batter at night. And you can store it in the fridge. 

The waffle batter will remain intact for 2 days in the fridge. So if some waffle batter is left behind after breakfast, you can store them in the fridge. 

In this way, you can easily use the batter for 2 consecutive days.

If the waffle batter is stored in an air-tight container, it may last for around 5 days. 

After 5 days, the taste and texture of waffle batter would vary, harming the taste of waffles.

Due to perishable ingredients, it’s preferred to use the waffle batter as soon as possible if stored in the fridge.

In Freezer 

If you are preparing for a brunch party, you should take care of all the arrangements beforehand. 

Freshly made waffles with some maple syrup will add so much flavour to your menu. 

In such similar conditions, you can store waffle batter in the freeze. 

Waffle batter will last fresh and good for almost a month if stored in proper conditions. 

On Counter 

You shouldn’t keep out any dish prepared using eggs or milk for a longer time.

Most waffle batters have both eggs and milk. Both these ingredients are perishable items. 

If you are making a vegetarian or vegan version of the batter, it would still include some kind of milk in it.

If kept on the counter, the waffle batter will remain intact for only 2 to 3 hours. 

This is because the room temperature above 40 degrees Fahrenheit is a perfect environment for bacterial growth in milk and eggs.

So, if you keep waffle batter on your counter for longer, make sure you use the entire batch.

Also, make sure to whisk the batter before use lightly.

Waffles Made

How to Store Waffle Batter 

You must be pondering how to store Waffle Batter adequately so its shelf life can be increased. And by which, you can enjoy your favorite waffles without much hassle.

Let’s see how we can store waffle batter in the fridge and in the freezer, one by .one 

Our favorite way to store waffle batter is in plastic containers. They’re easily available and super convenient, coming in all.

Refrigerating Waffle Batter 

Storing waffle batter in the fridge is one of the best ways to keep your waffle batter fresh and tasty for a long time.

It’s extremely simple to store waffle batter in the refrigerator. You just need to remember some key points, and your waffle batter is good to go.

  1. Store your waffle batter in an air-tight container. By storing it in an air-tight container, waffle batter will last much longer than just storing it in an open container, like a bowl.
  1. Containers can be of any material, glass, rubber or plastic. There will be no issue storing waffle batter in containers made from either of those materials.
  1. Make sure you store the container at the back of the fridge and not near the door. This is because by constantly opening the fridge door, there may occur some temperature fluctuations.
  1. The last thing to remember is to store waffle batter away from smelly items such as fish, garlic, ginger, etc.

It may not spoil the batter, but you can compromise the taste of the waffles.

Do not store the waffle batter kept outside for more than two hours in the fridge. 

This is because it just increases the chance of contamination of waffle batter.

Freezing Waffle Batter 

You can surely store the waffle batter in the freezer. 

You can either store waffle batter in an air-tight container or in a plastic bag. 

Ensure you remove as much air as possible from the plastic bag before storing it in the fridge.

The texture of waffle batter may vary a little because of freezing. However, it can be brought back to normal by whisking waffle batter.

Nevertheless, waffle batter will slowly lose its freshness the more time you store it in the fridge. So be extremely careful with that

How to Thaw the Waffle Batter? 

Thawing waffle batter is pretty simple. 

Firstly be sure that you want to use waffle batter at a certain time. Then, you can either place waffle batter stored in the freezer, in the fridge overnight. 

Or, you can simply place the container in some water, 15 minutes before preparing your waffles.

Why you have to be sure of using waffle batter, is because you cannot refreeze the waffle batter. 

How to know if Waffle Batter has gone bad?

If your waffle batter has some mold or fungi growth on its surface, you know it best to throw it away.

Waffle batter has the sweet taste you crave for. If waffle batter smells funky, rotten or sour. It must have gone bad. You should better discard it.

If you are not sure that waffle batter is fresh enough, you can do a taste-check. If it’s taste is different, you shouldn’t use that waffle batter.


I hope that we have answered all your queries regarding how long does waffle batter last and how you can store it. Waffles do make our day light and fluffy as they are themselves.

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