How long does Takis last? (Shelf Life, Storage Tips)

How long do Takis last

I guess you’re here because Takis are your go-to spicy tortilla chips for a Saturday movie night or a fun weekend party with your homies.

We know the rolled, tube-shaped Mexican chips never fail to amaze your taste buds. They are made from corn and then coated with spices that signify the Hispanic culture, preferences, and taste. 

And you don’t have to be a Mexican to be a fan of this crazy snack. 

Because who doesn’t love Mexican food (that too, Takis)? 

This well-detailed article lets you know more about Takis and their shelf life.

Don’t have time, here’s a quick answer for you.

On Counter Fridge Freezer 
Takis (Opened) 2 days2-3 weeks9 months- 1 year
Takis (Unopened) 6 months2-3 monthsOver a year

How long do Takis last Open? 

Takis last longer even after you’ve opened the package, but the longevity depends on how you store it. 

Here, the one practical advice I would give you is to finish eating within 2 days after opening it.

But if you have stored the opened Takis package in a cool and dry place, away from air, they should last for at least 2 to 3 months.

However, if you don’t want your favorite tortilla chips to go stale, lose their freshness and crispiness, and eventually throw them away, eat them within a month.

Because even though the Takis might last for 3 months, it has a greater chance of going stale, growing bacteria and molds on it. 

And you surely don’t want to take the chance of letting your Takis go to the trash bin.

How long does Takis last Unopened? 

Like any other chips, Takis tortilla chips can last indefinitely (more than a year) when the package is unopened.

The tortilla chips come in airtight packages, and you must also know where to keep the unopened Takis. 

Well, you ask for how long your Takis last when unopened.

Unopened takis may last from 9 months to over a year if you store them in a dry place and your climate isn’t too hot and humid. However, ensure you don’t keep them for too long, like don’t let those takis sit for 2 or more years.

 By then, the taste and texture will deteriorate. 

Shelf Life of Takis
Shelf Life of Takis

How long does Takis last in the Fridge?

Confused about the leftover Takis 

Although storing Takis in the refrigerator is unnecessary to keep them fresh and crispy, they are just like any other chips that can last long in a moderate climate.

If stored properly, those airtight packages that Takis comes in are enough to last long without storing them in the fridge.

Can you Freeze Takis? 

Yes, you definitely can. 

Takis tortilla chips are your go-to spicy snack; you have them in bulk. Half of the packet goes right into your tummy, but you are stressing out about the leftovers in the package?

Well, calm down.

What’s better than freezing your Takis if you stay in a hot and sweaty climate?

Your freezer will be the coolest and safest place for your Takis in your entire house. And if you seal and leave no place for air, your chips will be fine for a long time.

Where is the Expiration date on Takis? 

I get it, and finding the expiration date on the Takis pack is confusing.

We all have been there, confused and wondering where’s the “best by” or “use before” date. How to read it, right?

Honestly, it is not that hard. Just check the front main body of the bag, right above the brand name “Takis Fuego.”

You’ll see a code in the MMDDYY format, for example, APR1523, which means April 15, 2023.

How to Know if Your Takis is Expired? 

The corn-made Takis don’t expire and stay much longer like any other snack.

But as the written expiration date passes by, your tortilla chips may lose its flavor and crunchiness after months.

It means the Takis chips went stale but are generally safe for all, especially for the carefree Takis lovers.

Are you one of those carefree expired snack gobblers?

There’s no issue with eating expired Takis,

The only time you should not bother eating them is when you get a pungent or sour smell from those spicy tortilla chips. 

They may go immensely hard and stale with a horrible taste that your stomach cannot tolerate (I know you don’t want to go through this). 

Check with wide eyes if you see any discoloration or mold on them. 

If you see the signs, throw it away in the right place.

Can you Eat Expired Takis? 

Without a doubt, they are safe past their use-by date.

They are made with vegetable oil, corn, loads of spices, and preservatives, so they are made in a way that will make them last.

They may not taste that great after a specific time, but if that’s not an issue for you, go ahead.

I hope by “expired” you mean they expired a few months ago and not “years” ago.

As a sensible person, you must consume your spicy chips in moderation and within a considerable time after expiration.


My last advice for you as a conclusion to this article would be to thoroughly enjoy this flavourful and spicy snack, which adds flavor to your life.

Just make sure you make a better choice of eating them in moderation. Takis are highly processed and may degrade your health with an increased risk of Type-2 Diabetes, Heart disease, heartburn, and even irritate your digestive system with the intense level of spice in it.

Apart from that, eat one pack at a time and stay happy. 

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