How long does Taco Bell sauce last?

How Long Do Taco Bell Sauce Last

Taco Bell sauces are the most unique and tasty sauces. 

You would have gone to a Taco bell drive-through and brought some tacos for yourself. You must have also received some sauce packets along with the tacos.

There is a packet of hot sauce yet to be used. You decided to put it in the drawer with other packets. 

You saw that there are many such hot sauce packages from Taco bell. You are confused about how long they will last.

You no need to worry, we are going to answer all your queries regarding how long does Taco Bell sauces last and how can you store them properly.

How long does Taco Bell Sauce last? 

Store Bought, Unopened2 to 3 years
Store Bought, Opened5 days 1-month
Homemade2 to 3 days10 to 12 days

How long does Taco Bell Sauce last in the fridge? 

Things that strike your mind when you hear Taco bell, other than their exquisite tacos, are their variety of sauces. 

You can find their delicious hot sauce in your nearby grocery store, or it’s easily available online.

Like other condiments and sauces, Taco Bell sauce has a shelf-life. Let’s see what they are.

Fun fact: Taco bell hot sauces were made available at grocery stores/supermarkets in 2014. 


If you have opened the hot Taco bell sauce bottle, it’s preferred that you store it in the fridge. 

Keeping them in the fridge will help you retain the sauces’ flavor and keep them fresh if you have hot sauce packets from Taco bell. You should keep them in the fridge. 

Some assume that keeping hot sauce in the fridge will affect the hotness of these sauces. 

But this is a stupid myth. Hot sauce remains fresh and intact in the fridge.


packages or bottles of Taco Bell hot sauce are not generally required to store in the fridge. 

But, it’s always a good choice to store Taco Bell hot sauce in the fridge to prolong its shelf-life. 

After a certain point, the quality of the sauce starts to decline. If kept in the fridge, you may sometimes also be able to use taco bell sauce even after it has expired.

Taco Bell sauce may last up to 3 to 4 years if kept in the fridge constantly.

Unopened Taco Bell Sauce

How long does Taco Bell Sauce last at room temperature? 

In general, Hot sauces do not require much refrigeration. 

Storing them properly in the right conditions can help preserve the hot sauce for longer.

Taco Bell hot sauces follow the same pattern.


Once opened, Taco Bell sauce would last around 5 to 7 days. 

Taco bell hot sauce will last longer because, like the other hot sauces, they have vinegar and pepper as one of their main ingredients.

But they do have tomatoes (tomato puree, paste, etc.) as their sauce’s base ingredients. 

Due to this, even if vinegar is present in hot sauces from Taco Bell, they may perish soon at room temperature. 


If the Taco Bell hot sauce packets or bottles are unopened, they tend to stay fresh for a really long time.

They are properly and commercially packaged. This allows you to keep unopened packets/bottles of Taco Bell sauce for around 18 to 24 months.

For more information, you should look at the back of sauce bottles to know about the “Best By” date.

How long do Sauce Packets last in General?

Sauce packets from Taco Bell stay in a good condition if you store them properly in a cool and dark environment. 

You should follow the “Best By” date written on the packages. Best By dates determine how long the sauce will stay in its best quality.

Once the “Best By” dates are passed, the hot sauce packets may start to wither. 

Interesting fact: Did you know there are 4 different types of hot sauces offered by Taco Bell? They are mild, hot, fire, and diablo. For the longest time, Fire was the hottest until they brought Diablo.

Home Ordered: Taco

Does Taco Sauce need to be Refrigerated? 

As said earlier, if Taco Bell sauce packages or bottles are not opened, refrigeration is not necessary.

However, if the sauce packages or bottles are opened, the best way to prolong the shelf-life of the sauces is to store them in the fridge.

Most bottles of sauce packages are resealable. Once opened, you can simply seal back the lid, and you are good to go.

If you have packets of hot Taco Bell sauce, you need to distribute them according to their flavors.

After that, transfer the sauce from packets to an air-tight container. And you can store that container in the fridge. 

It will become easy for you to use sauce from the packets if you store them in this manner

How to Store Taco Bell Sauce?

Taco bell hot sauce will perish and go bad eventually as any other sauce would.

There are small dark spots on the sauce due to peppers and other herbs. This is perfectly normal. 

But if there are any big spots on the sauce, it may be mold or some fungi. In such conditions, you should throw out that packet of sauce.

If your sauce smells pungent or off, do the infamous taste check. If the sauce doesn’t taste the same, then you should not consume it.


We hope we have answered all your questions regarding how long Taco Bell sauces last and how well you can preserve them. 

We all have extra packets of sauce in our kitchen or car. Collect them all and store them properly so you can always consume that delicious sauce.

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