How long does Raw Shrimp last in the Fridge? [Peeled & Unpeeled]

How long does Raw Shrimp last in Fridge

Shrimp is one of the most eaten seafood in the USA. The biggest reason is that shrimp is highly affordable and provides great nutrition at a considerably lower price. 

You bought some raw shrimp packets for dinner. Some of the raw shrimp was not used in preparing a dish. 

Now you are confused about whether to use the leftover raw shrimp. You are not sure about how long they last.

Raw shrimp would generally last for one or a maximum of 2 days in the fridge. But this shelf-time would vary a bit depending on different circumstances. 

You do not have to worry. I have got your back. I’m here to answer all your queries regarding how long will the raw shrimp last and how you can store them properly for better preservation.

Did you know: That 100g of boiled shrimp provides around 17g of protein, making shrimp highly nutritional and valuable? 

How long does Raw Shrimp last?

If you have raw shrimp that will not be used immediately, do not worry. They do have a decent shelf-life if stored in the fridge. 

The shelf-life may vary depending on whether you store raw shrimp in the freezer or freezer. It may also depend on the raw shrimp you have purchased, shelled, or with the shell on.

Don’t have time, here’s quick answer to your query.

Raw Shrimp 2 hours1 to 2 days3 to 9 months 

Did you know: The shrimp will get smaller and juicer if the water gets colder? 

How long does Raw Shrimp last in Fridge?

Raw shrimps being seafood, will go bad sooner than you think if not kept in the fridge. Hence, keeping raw shrimp in the fridge is a necessity. 

Raw shrimp, if stored properly, will stay fresh and in good condition for almost 2 days. 

Keep the unopened package unhindered in the freeze to ensure its safety and freshness.

There are 2 kinds of raw shrimp you will find in the market, shelled (peeled) )or with the shell on.

The raw shrimp that has not been shelled will last for a little longer than shelled. The non-shelled raw shrimp will last a little more than the shelled shrimp. 

Also, look at “Best By” of Raw Shrimp to be more specific. Remember that “Best By” determines the quality of the raw shrimp, not its safety.

How long does Raw Shrimp last in Freezer?

All seafood, according to the FDA, are perishable food items. Hence storing them in cold conditions should be your top priority.

If stored properly, your raw shrimp will be in their best condition as if the time has stopped ticking for your raw shrimp.

If met the requirements, raw shrimp will stay in its best condition for 3 to 6 months in the freezer. After 3 months,  the texture of seafood, like raw shrimp, would slowly degrade.

Raw Shrimp having shells on them last for 9 to 12 months. The shell may act as an extra protective layer preventing bacterial contamination.

Frozen Raw Shrimp

How long can Raw Shrimp sit out?

Raw shrimp should not be left at room temperature for more than 2 hours. This is because after 2 hours, raw shrimp-like any other seafood, would become prone to microbial contamination. 

If you consume such shrimp, you can get severely sick. Hence, ensure you don’t let raw shrimp sit outside for a longer time. 

Keep the shrimp in the fridge if you will not use them. 

How to store Raw Shrimp in Fridge?

You can easily store raw Shrimp in the Fridge. You just need to remember some key points, and you will be all good to go

If you have a proper package for your shrimp, let them stay unopened and store the package in the fridge. 

If you bought some raw shrimp from the local market or used half and the other half is left, you need to follow some other methods 

Remove the shell and veins (devein) while keeping their heads intact.

Make sure you rinse your raw shrimps thoroughly. 

Transfer them into an airtight container. Make sure to seal the bag or the container properly to avoid contamination. 

Place their airtight bags where the temperature is the coldest, i.e., in the lowest section of your fridge. 

Similar would apply to storing raw shrimp in the freezer. 

Seal them in an airtight manner using either freezer paper or in a freezer bag to prevent them from getting freezer burns.

Is Raw Shrimp good for 5 days?

When stored in the fridge, raw shrimp can last between 2-3 days. (Lasts months when frozen)

They last up to 2 days when it has no shell and has been completely peeled off.

However, it can also last for 3 days when your raw shrimps have their shells on.

After 2-3 days, consuming them becomes risky and unhealthy for you as they can get you sick quickly.

As most shrimps bought from stores lose their shells, you have around 2 days to use your shrimp. Otherwise, it’s time to discard them.

Local Bought Raw Shrimp

How long can peeled shrimp stay in the fridge?

Most of the raw shrimp you find in the market are peeled. This is because peeled raw shrimp are easier and quicker to cook.

But removing the shrimp shell reduces a layer of protection against microbial contamination.

Peeled shrimp would last for only 1 to 2 days compared to the shell, which lasts more days and is fresher than the peeled one.

How can you tell if Raw Shrimp is bad?

Your precious will go bad sooner than you think. So it would be better to know how raw shrimp would go bad and its cues.

Any of these pointers will help you to tell if raw shrimp has gone bad or not:

  • If your shrimp looks slimy and greasy, first, it’s disgusting, and second, you should throw it away. 
  • If your shrimp smells weird or has an ammonia-type smell to eat, you probably shouldn’t consume it. It’s never a good idea to consume seafood with an off-putting smell.
  • Raw shrimp should be discarded if they show any mold or fungi growth.
  • If your shrimp looks discolored, it has lost its freshness and is on the verge of going bad.


We hope we have answered all your queries regarding how long your raw shrimp will last in the fridge and how well you can preserve them with proper storage.

Always make sure to check whether the raw shrimp that you are purchasing is peeled or not.

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