How long does Prune juice last?

How Long does Prune Juice last?

There are many benefits associated with prune juice, including relief from constipation? The prune is also said to be a natural laxative. 

Prunes are dried plums that are high in fiber. Drinking a glass of chill prune juice is suggested to keep your bowel movement clean. 

You heard all these amazing facts about prune juice, so you decided to drink the juice. But some prune juice is left behind or you bought some extra bottles from the store. Now you are worried about how long the juice will last.

We will answer all your queries regarding how long the Prune juice will last and how you can store the juice properly so that you can use Prune juice for a long time.

Fun Fact: Prunes juice also prevents heart disease, reduces cholesterol in your body, makes your bones stronger, and is anti-aging.

How long does unopened Prune Juice last?

Prune juice bought from the store lasts for a long time. Several brands sell Prune juice all over the world. 

If you are sure that the prune juice package was proper when you bought it. You can expect that your Prune juice will last for around 18 months. 

It’s completely fine if you are storing Prune juice outside at room temperature as long as it’s unopened. Make sure you store it in dark and cool places in your pantry or kitchen cupboard. 

How long can Prune Juice last once open?

Once you have opened the Prune Juice, you should make sure that you consume the whole package within 2 hours.

If not, then never leave Prune juice out for more than 2 hours. Store unopened Prune juice in the fridge so you can experience the freshness and goodness of Prune juice for a longer time. 

Don’t have time, get Quick Answer

Store Bought, Unopened18 to 24 months
Store Bought, Opened2 hours10 to 12 days
Homemade2 hours1 week

How long does Prune Juice last in the fridge?

It’s best when you are storing Prune juice in the fridge. Prune juice or any kind of juice will last longer than just leaving it outside at room temperatures. 

It is suggested by the US Food and Drug Administration to store all perishable food items in the refrigerator. 

The shelf-life of Prune juice varies from brand to brand. One brand may claim one thing and another something different. There is also a significant difference between homemade Prune juice and store-bought Prune juice.

Let’s see how long store-bought and homemade prune juice will last:

Store-Bought Prune Juice

You must store the Prune juice bought from the store in the fridge once you open it. Please don’t let out the juice for more than 2 hours. 

Store-bought prune juice as some preservatives added to them while manufacturing, pasteurized, or both. Due to this reason, Store-bought prune juice will last longer than a homemade one.

This will help the prune juice last for around 7 to 10 days. Make sure that you properly seal the bottle.

The shelf-life of Prune juice also depends on the company that sells it. Sunsweet claims that if the juice is kept in the fridge, it may last 7 days. 

For more information, make sure that you check the back of the Prune juice package, which will have a “Best By” date on it. Just keep in mind that the “Best By” date determines the quality of the juice and not the safety. 

Fun Fact: Sunsweet is one of the most famous and widely purchased prune juice brands worldwide.

Nutritional Facts of Prune Juice

Homemade Prune Juice: 

Prune juice does not contain additives or preservatives. Hence, Homemade prune juice is more prone to getting bad sooner if kept at room temperatures.

You have made a fresh batch of Prune juice as you have been experiencing issues with your bowel movement. You wouldn’t want something worse to happen to you. So once you have consumed some of the juice, you should store the leftovers in the fridge. 

Prune juice can last for up to a week in your fridge in good conditions if stored properly.

Tip: You should soak prunes in hot water for 2 hours before making the juice, as it will be more beneficial 

How long does homemade Prune Juice last?

As said earlier, homemade prune juice last for a short time compared to the other store-bought versions. 

This makes them more susceptible to microbial contamination if left out at room temperature for a long time. The maximum time that you can leave prune juice is about 2 hours. 

You should consume prune juice with caution, If you drink too much of it or after it has gone bad, it may lead to serious health problems. So be extremely careful. 

Homemade Prune Juice

How to store Prune Juice?

If you wish your Prune juice to be preserved properly, it’s necessary to store it properly. You can store unopened packages of Prune juice at room temperature. Just store it in any dry and dark place, and you will have no problem. 

However, the opened prune juice package and homemade prune juice should be taken more care of while storing. There are some key points that you will have to remember.

Let’s see how you can store prune juice in a refrigerator and a Freezer.

Refrigerating Prune Juice 

You must have known by now that storing prune juice in the fridge is one of the best ways of storing prune juice. The store-bought prune juice that has been opened can be easily stored in the fridge as they are commercially packaged. 

They are packaged so that, once the seal is broken, they can be scaled back. Once you have drunk the amount of prune juice you wanted, just reseal the bottle and keep it in the fridge.

You need to remember some things for the prune juice made at home. Make sure that you transfer the prune juice to an air-tight container.

The container should be a non-metallic one. You can also store prune juice in a glass or a plastic container. 

Store the juice before it’s kept out for 2 hours. And that’s it you are good to go. 

Freezing Prune Juice

Yes, you can store Prune juice in the freezer. This method is proper when you want to store prune juice for longer.

You can simply pour prune juice into ice trays and make ice cubes of Prune juice. 

You can use a batch of Prune juice ice cubes whenever needed. This will be best if you want to consume prune juice daily but don’t have time to make it. 

Just write the date when it was prepared, and you are good to use prune juice for about 8 to 12 months if it’s store-bought. It will last for 3 to 4 months if it’s homemade.

While thawing, if you are consuming prune juice right away, you can let it thaw at room temperature. 

Otherwise, let the prune juice de-freeze in the fridge, allowing you to use the juice for 5 days.

How to know if Prune Juice has gone bad?

Prune juice is the best juice for you if you are facing problems with constipation, but like other juices, Prune juice can go bad for multiple reasons. Let’s see how you can identify if the Prune  juice has gone bad. 

If mold or fungi is growing on the juice or in the container of the prune juice, it’s better you know to throw that prune juice away as soon as possible.

Also check if color of prune juice starts to become weird, it’s better not to consume the prune juice.

If the Prune juice smells off or weird, it’s advised to do a taste check. If the juice doesn’t taste the same, you should no longer drink it. 

Be careful when you buy Prune juice from the store. If the package is torn or not properly sealed, you shouldn’t buy it.

Things to remember: Make sure to drink water and keep yourself hydrated if you are drinking prune juice otherwise, its effects may backfire.


We hope that we have answered your queries regarding how long the prune juice will last and how you can store it properly. 

Always remember the “ 2 hours” rule if you have any kind of juice left to consume, including prune juice at room temperature. Keep your bowel movement clean and healthy with this amazing drink. 

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