How long does Pomegranate Juice Last? [Opened, Unopened]

How long does pomegranate juice last once opened

We all know that pomegranate juice is one of the healthiest juices. You are trying to eat more healthily and decide to make fresh pomegranate juice. You drink it, and you enjoy it. 

But there is some pomegranate juice still left. You are worried it will go bad.

No need to worry now, your research ends here.

We are here to answer all your queries regarding how long will the Pomegranate juice last and how you will be able to store it.

How long does unopened Pomegranate Juice last?

Some well-known brands sell Pomegranate Juice in the market. There is POM Wonderful, Great value, Evolution Fresh, and so many others which are readily available in the nearest store or can be ordered online. 

These manufactured Pomegranate juice are commercially packaged. Hence, this tends to increase the shelf-life of store-bought pomegranate juice. 

The pomegranate juice can last for around 6 months at room temperature if unopened. If stored in proper conditions, Pomegranate juice should not be damaged.

How long can Pomegranate Juice last once open?

Store-bought Pomegranate juices can be awesome. Some good brands provide the freshest pomegranate juice. 

However, the good brand is that once opened. There is a higher chance of Pomegranate juice going bad. 

You should always store Pomegranate juice in cool conditions. Pomegranate juice will last only a few hours after opening it.

Don’t have time, get Quick Answer 

Store Bought, Unopened6 to 7 months12 to 14 months
Store Bought, Opened2 to 3 hours10 to 14 days 
Homemade2 to 3 hours5 to 7 days
How long does Pomegranate Juice last

How long does Pomegranate Juice last in the fridge?

You must have the idea that it’s better when you store pomegranate juice in cool conditions like the fridge. 

Whether it is homemade pomegranate juice or store-bought one, your best way to preserve the freshness and safety of the juice is to store it in the fridge in proper conditions. 

However, there is a considerable difference in store-bought and homemade pomegranate juice, even if kept in the fridge. Let’s jump into this difference right away:

Store-Bought Pomegranate Juice

Whether it is opened or unopened will last longer if it’s stored in the fridge. The opened bottle of the pomegranate juice can last for around 2 weeks in the fridge and will be almost as fresh as day one. 

If you forget to store the opened bottle in the fridge, pomegranate juice may start to ferment. This allows the growth of various bacteria which can harm pomegranate juice’s texture, taste, and safety. 

The unopened bottle of pomegranate juice will surely last for around 12 months. If pomegranate juice is regularly refrigerated, it may even last a week longer than its “Best By”. “Best By” dates vary from brand to brand. 

So, check the back of the pomegranate juice bottle to know more about its “Best By” date. Remember, the “Best By” determines the quality of the juice and not the safety. 

Store Bought Pomegranate Juice

Homemade Pomegranate Juice

Homemade pomegranate juice lasts for a shorter time than store-bought juice. This is because store-bought pomegranate juice has some added preservatives, which prevent any fungi or microbial growth on them. 

But homemade pomegranate juice is all natural. However, if stored properly in a fridge, the shelf-life of pomegranate juice can be increased. Homemade pomegranate juice will last for around a week in the fridge if stored properly. 

How long does homemade Pomegranate Juice last?

You squeezed a fresh batch of pomegranate juice for lunch. And there is some excess pomegranate juice that is left over. In such cases, store pomegranate juice in the fridge in a proper container. You can also store it in a freezer to extend its shelf-life.

There are no preservatives added to the homemade pomegranate juice. Hence, pomegranate juice will only last for around 2 hours maximum at room temperature. 

How to store Pomegranate Juice (80 to 100 words)

It’s not a difficult task to store pomegranate juice. The keys are to store pomegranate juice at cooler temperatures and in air-tight conditions and clean utensils such as bottles or jars. 

The storage of homemade pomegranate juice and store-bought juice is not that different. You need to remember some subtle variations, and you will be good to go.

Refrigerating Pomegranate Juice 

If you have read the rest of the article, you must have realized that storing pomegranate juice in the fridge is one of the best storage methods. You should store homemade pomegranate juice in an air-tight container. 

While filling the container with pomegranate juice, you should leave 1\2 an inch of the container empty. 

Store the pomegranate juice in a ceramic or glass container as the plastic or rubber container made up of polymers may react with chemicals in pomegranate and spoil it. 

Most store-bought pomegranate juices are well preserved and packaged. Hence, storing them in plastic bottles or packaging wouldn’t be a problem. 

You can store both opened and unopened packages in the fridge to prolong the shelf-life of pomegranate juice. 

Opened pomegranate juice bottles or containers are resealable. Therefore, you won’t have any problem storing opened pomegranate juice.

Freezing Pomegranate Juice

In the case of pomegranate juice, it is most suggested to store it in the freezer. Storing the juice in the freezer helps it stay fresher and healthier. 

There will be almost no change in the texture and taste of the juice. As usual, store pomegranate juice in an air-tight container leaving 1\2 inches of the container empty. This is because as the pomegranate juice freezes, it expands. 

Both homemade pomegranate juice and store-bought one will last for around 12 to 16 months if stored properly in the freezer. 

While thawing pomegranate juice, remember that the juice in the fridge kept for thawing will stay good for extra 3 to 5 days. Whereas, if you have thawed pomegranate juice in the microwave or in cold water it won’t last that long. 

It is also safe to refreeze the pomegranate juice. It’s recommended to refreeze the pomegranate juice to maintain its safety and freshness.

But, remember that pomegranate juice’s freshness will reduce daily, even if it’s stored in the freezer.

How to know if Pomegranate Juice has gone bad

There are several ways through which you can determine that pomegranate juice has gone bad. If there is a change in the color of the juice from ruby reddish pink to brown or off-color, it is not a good sign. It means pomegranate juice is no longer fresh. Better not to use it.

If pomegranate juice smells pungent or weird, do the taste-check. If the juice tastes weird, it’s suggested to throw it away.

Similarly, if any mold or fungi is growing on the pomegranate juice, you know that you should discard the pomegranate juice.

For store-bought pomegranate juice, keep referring to the “ Best By” date to know how long you can use the juice. 

If you have used discolored seeds in making the pomegranate juice,e, however, you store the juice. There is a higher chance of the juice going bad. 


And that’s it. We hope we have answered your queries regarding how long the pomegranate juice will last and how you can store them. Always remember the “ 2 hours” rule when leaving the pomegranate juice at room temperature. It’s always good to drink fresh pomegranate juice.

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