How long does Milk Tea last in Fridge? (Know Shelf Life)

How long does Milk Tea Last in Fridge

The consumers say that once you discover milk tea, there is no going back to your regular tea.

At least, this is true for me, and I am assuming for many of us. 

Milk tea is the type of tea consumption that is prevalent worldwide, especially in Asian countries. Masala Chai or just chai and Boba Tea, has become extremely popular today. 

If you are trying out Milk tea for the 1st time or need clarification about how long milk tea lasts, then I am here for your rescue. 

I will answer all your queries regarding how long milk tea lasts and how you can store it for better preservation.

Don’t have time, here’s a quick table.

Milk Tea2 hours 1 day1 Month 

How long does Milk Tea last in the Fridge?

The question of how long your milk tea will last in the fridge depends on answering the question of what kind of milk tea we are storing.

I mean that people with different recipes consume different kinds of milk tea. 

Shelf Life of Milk Tea in Fridge
Shelf Life of Milk Tea

It also depends on whether your milk tea of cold type or hot. I prefer making hot tea at the time when I want to drink it. It hardly takes 5 minutes for a simple milk tea.

If you have made some extra milk tea then you can store it in the fridge in the proper condition. If did so your milk tea would last could for at least the next 24 hours. 

You should consume milk tea after this mark because the taste will drastically deteriorate, and drinking this would also make you sick. 

However, what you can do is you can brew some strong tea that includes all your favorite spices and let it cool down without adding any milk to it. 

Once it is cooled down, you can keep the brewed tea potion in the fridge. If you store the brewed tea in the said way, you can use it for 2 to 3 weeks. 

Just add milk and some additional ingredients required. Either heat it or don’t heat it, depending on your requirement. 

How long does Unopened Milk Tea last in the Fridge?

We live in an exciting world where we can find whatever we want at our doorsteps, including milk tea in an adequately stored condition. 

The best way to preserve these bottles of milk tea is by keeping them in the fridge. And, yes you should also store the unopened milk tea in the fridge. 

Your unopened pack would last around 3 to 4 weeks from the date it brewed. If you opened your package or the bottle of your soothing milk tea because you couldn’t wait. (it is fine I understand) 

Then you should store it in the fridge, which would last around 3 to 4 days. 

How long can you keep Boba in Fridge?

Boba has become loved by so many people. It is one of the most refreshing and innovative beverages ever. 

Hence knowing how to store them properly, whether homemade or bought from a cafe is important. You should not leave your boba tea outside for more than 2 hours. Either drink it before 2 hours or store it in the fridge. 

Boba should be kept in the fridge for at least a few hours to get its complete flavor. At least it is what I prefer. 

If you have made a batch for the coming weeks, store them in the fridge in the required adequate condition. 

Keeping Boba in Fridge
Keeping Boba in Fridge

This would help store your Boba in the fridge for around a day.

Another thing you can do is to prepare tapioca balls and store them in the fridge for 3 days. 

Can I keep Milk tea Overnight?

Yes, you can keep your milk tea overnight providing that you have stored it in the fridge. 

If you forgot your milk tea either the normal one or the Boba. then you are in great trouble. 

Within 2 hours the milk tea would start to lose its nutritional value and richness. And, if you heat this milk tea (if you prefer a hot one) you would get nauseated by drinking it.

Hence store your milk tea in the fridge till the next day, it would stay good. 

Tip to remember: If you are habitual of drinking hot sizzling tea, you should avoid almost all the time heating the tea as it would affect your health. 

How to Store Milk Tea?

If you want your morning freshness within a few minutes then you need to store your milk tea properly and you can get the tea without a little morning hassle. 

If you have a milk tea bottle, you should preserve it properly in the fridge, especially if it’s opened. You should consume it at soon as possible. 

Storing milk tea is quite simple. You can either brew the black tea and store it in the fridge.

You need to store brewed tea in an air-tight container or a bottle. Make sure the bottle you use is made of glass or plastic (you should prefer glass). 

If you have made fresh boba with tapioca balls, then similarly cover the jar or bottle with a good lid and your boba will stay in condition.

You can store your tapioca balls if you like them in a certain texture. Again, you must store them in an air-tight container or a high-quality ziplock back. 

You should not store milk tea in the freezer unless it is necessary. How can you store it? You store the brewed tea in an ice tray and use them whenever you require to drink milk tea. 

Just add the required amount of cubes to your preferred milk and sugar. And that’s it you will be all good to go. 

How to know if Milk Tea is Spoiled?

Your milk tea tastes the best when served fresh, either cold or hot. Hence, if kept untouched unnecessarily long, your milk teas would go bad. 

Here are some cues to recognize that your milk tea has gone bad. 

You should do a taste check if your milk has a weird or foul smell. If it doesn’t taste the same, you should not consume them. 

If you see any mold or fungi growing on top of your tea or milk tea bottle or even just on the lid, then you know it better to throw them away as soon as possible. 

If you reheat the milk tea, there is a strong chance that the taste and nutrients would decrease and you should avoid drinking such milk tea at all costs. 


I hope I have answered all your queries regarding how long milk tea will last and how you can store them for better preservation. 

Remember, Safe eating is Fun eating.

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