How Long does Hoisin Sauce Last?

How long does Hoisin Sauce Last

Hoisin Sauce is a sweet and tangy cousin of soya sauce filled with mouth-watering flavors. You have used it in your Mushu pork, peking duck, or as a dipper for chicken popcorn or tacos. 

You have some of the sauce left in your fridge and are unsure if the sauce is good to use. Well, you have found the perfect article to answer all your question regarding shelf-life and storage of Hoisin sauce.

How long does Hoisin Sauce last?

Hoisin sauce is one of the condiments used to prepare Chinese dishes. It is a rich sauce with many ingredients in its preparation. 

The traditional Hoisin sauce is prepared using soya sauce, mashed fermented black beans/soya beans/miso, rice vinegar, Chinese five spices, garlic, sriracha, and brown sugar or honey. 

You can just imagine how delicious this sauce must be, and so you try it out. You are not sure how long the sauce will last. Well, it all depends on multiple factors. 

If you have bought the sauce from the store, the “Best By” date of Hoisin sauce varies from brand to brand. 

Brands like Kikkoman suggest that their sauce lasts anywhere between 12 to 18 months. At the same time, some cooks suggest that the sauce lasts for almost 6 months.

Quick Answer 

Store Bought, Unopened3 years 
Store Bought, Opened1 month 12 to 18 months
Homemade2 hours 8 to 10 days

How long does Hoisin Sauce last in the fridge?

It is most advisable to store Hoisin sauce in the fridge because it lasts longer.

Sugar impacts the shelf-life of hoisin sauce more than any other ingredient. 

As Hoisin sauce has sugar, it is more susceptible to bacteria growth and microbial contamination. And this growth is triggered in higher temperatures. 

Hence, the Hoisin sauce can last longer if stored in the fridge.

Store-Bought Hoisin Sauce

It is recommended to store Hoisin sauce at a cool temperature as soon as possible once you open the container. Otherwise, it can grow mold or act as a host to various bacteria.

 An unopened container of Hoisin sauce can last up to 3 years if the seal of the container is not hammered. 

Homemade Hoisin Sauce

You have tried to make Hoisin sauce at home because you are a big fan of this sauce. It may be tasty, but all the Hoisin sauce you have prepared will be used at once.

 As such, you should always remember never to leave Hoisin sauce at room temperature for more than two hours. You should store it in the fridge so you can use your homemade Hoisin sauce for 3 to 4 months. 

Just be mindful of the recipe used in preparation because it affects the shelf-life of the sauce.

Hoisin Sauce with Manchurian and Rice

How long can Hoisin Sauce last at room temperature?

An unopened store-bought Hoisin sauce will last for up to 3 years at room temperature. But the real problem occurs when you open the container. 

As these days, Hoisin sauce has preservatives in them. They can last up to 2 to 3 months, whereas Homemade Hoisin sauce may only last a few hours at room temperature. 

How long can Hoisin Sauce last after opening?

A store-bought Hoisin sauce has preservatives to lessen the pH in food products, such as sodium benzoate. This helps preserve the sauce for longer as sodium benzoate prevents fungi or mold growth. 

Therefore, an opened store-bought Hoisin sauce can last for around 3 months. If you store opened hoisin sauce in the fridge, it can last even longer till its “Best By” date.

Hoisin Sauce served as a Dip

How to store Hoisin Sauce

It is essential to store Hoisin sauce if unopened in a dry and dark area of your pantry. You should ensure the container is perfectly sealed, or the Hoisin sauce may go bad.

Refrigerating Hoisin Sauce 

You can store unopened Hoisin sauce in the fridge if you want, but that is not required if you are storing it properly in your pantry.

 But if it’s an opened Hoisin sauce container, it is better to store it in a fridge, which can last up to 18 months. 

If the Hoisin sauce comes in can you need to transfer it into a non-metallic container? Never store Hoisin or any kind of sauce in a metal container. 

The same goes with Homemade sauce. Store it in a non-metal, tightly sealable container, and you can use your delicious sauce for almost 2 weeks. 

Freezing Hoisin Sauce

You can store Hoisin sauce in the freezer to extend its shelf-life. You can keep the sauce in an air-tight container or the ice tray and make cubes of Hoisin sauce.

In this way, you are reducing the thawing of the entire sauce. You can just thaw the amount that is required. This way, homemade Hoisin sauce can last up to 3 months in a freezer. 

How to know if Hoisin Sauce has gone bad

Keep in mind to look at the sealing of the Hoisin sauce container because if the seal is broken, you should not use that product again. 

If fungi or mold is growing on the sauce, you better throw that container of the sauce away. One of the simplest ways to determine whether the sauce has gone bad or not is to check out its smell.

 Hoisin sauce has a sweet plum-like smell to it. If the sauce is not smelling like that you smell a sour, pungent odor, the sauce has probably gone bad. 

If there is any difference in the sauce’s consistency or texture before or after its “Best By” date, taste a little. If it does not taste the same, discard the sauce.

Trust your guts.

Even if the sauce looks dehydrated, you know you should not use it.


Hoisin sauce, though made from soya sauce certainly has a different and tasty impact on your favorite dishes. You should always try to store Hoisin sauce in the fridge rather than just leaving it outside. 

Remember the “2-hour” rule. An opened Hoisin sauce container in the fridge can last for 18 months, whereas homemade sauce can last for only a few weeks. Hoisin sauce can be easily spoiled, so be careful. 

Remember safe eating is Fun eating.

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