How long does Ezekiel Bread last? [Shelf Life]

How long do Ezekiel Bread last

If you want to eat healthily, lose weight, or have a low-carb diet, you would like a good option for your regular whole-wheat bread. 

That is why a great alternative to these kinds of bread is Ezekiel bread which is made of sprouted grains. 

It would be a good shift from your regular bread, and you can enjoy your meals without worrying about the high sugar spike from the regular bread. 

It might have a too-healthy taste, so kids may find its texture a little harsh, but if added with fun ingredients, it can make a great sandwich. 

Is it worth buying Ezekiel bread? How long would it last compared to other breeds?

I am here to answer all your queries regarding Ezekiel bread and how you can store it for preservation purposes. 

Shelf-life of a product depends majorly on how and where you store them, Let’s look at the shelf-life of Ezekiel bread in different conditions. 

Don’t have time, here’s a quick answer. 

Room TemperatureFridgeFreezer
Ezekiel Bread3 to 5 days 2 weeks 6 to 12 months 

How long does Ezekiel Bread last in Fridge? 

If you are someone who buys their bread in one, go for the coming few days because you know you won’t be able to go to the store. 

You would like to buy healthy bread that, most importantly, can last well for a longer time, making it able to consume that bread for more than 2 to 3 days. 

Ezekiel Bread is a perfect strike of balance required in your diet. It has no added preservatives to make it last longer, but the way it has been made makes it last for almost 3 to 5 days, even at room temperature. 

If you want it to last longer, store your Ezekiel bread, regardless of whether it is opened or closed in the fridge. The cold environment in the fridge is best to preserve this bread for the coming few days. 

If stored with utmost care and as needed, your Ezekiel bread can last around 2 weeks in the fridge without any issues. 

As time passes, the bread would slowly becomes stale, hence try to consume all the Ezekiel bread in the time frame of 2 weeks itself, or you will have to say bye to your bread. 

Can you Freeze Ezekiel Bread? 

One of the most famous brands selling Ezekiel bread in the US is “Food for life.” And whenever you visit a grocery store and go to the frozen food aisle, you will find Ezekiel bread there. 

The makers of this bread themselves store Ezekiel bread in the freezer. The simple reason behind this procedure is that, unlike most other types of bread, it has no added preservatives.

Hence, without the added preservatives, your Ezekiel bread would get spoiled and won’t stay in its fresh state. 

This is why Ezekiel bread can and is frozen to maintain its texture and freshness. 

This is a great and a good answer for those people who say, “ I have never seen any kind of bread in the frozen food section.” (you know who you are)

Packed Ezekiel bread
Packed Ezekiel bread

How long does Ezekiel Bread last in Freezer?

Ezekiel bread lasts best when stored in the freezer. We just learned about it. Hence keeping your Ezekiel bread in the freezer, opened or unopened, is a big YES!

If you have a picnic where you want to make a sausages, sandwich or use bread in batches, keeping Ezekiel bread in the freezer will help you achieve all of this without fear of eating stale or spoiled bread. 

The temperature in the freezer is so low that it allows the process of spoilage, making the bread last longer and stay fresh for a longer time. 

If you have stored your Ezekiel bread adequately, it will last around 6 to roughly 12 months in the freezer, depending on the “Best by” or “Use by” date on your Ezekiel bread packet. 

Remember that your bread will lose its taste and flavor after a certain point, making it bland and stale. 

Hence consume them whilst they are in a fairly good stage. 

Expiration Date for Ezekiel Bread?

Let’s take the example of Ezekiel bread from food for life, as it is one of the most known and used. 

Food for life products always has a “Best by” date or a “ Use by” date return on their package.

If you want to know when your product was made, every piece of bread has a special number on it, you can visit the food for life website and know when your bread was made. 

You can do this just to be on the safer side. 

Expiration date or the date after which eating your Ezekiel bread is almost around 6 to 12 months if stored in a proper freezer. 

If your Ezekiel bread has been in the fridge or freezer for its entire time, then even if it has passed its expiration date, it will be okay to eat But obviously, you need to try to avoid it and have fresh bread. 

Storing Ezekiel Bread for Better Shelf Life 

Ezekiel bread is the kind of bread that is the one that is without any preservatives or any added sweeteners. 

Hence, Ezekiel’s bread has to be stored with utmost care. 

You need to know some crucial key factors, and you will be ready to go without any issues. 

Firstly, ensure that even if you leave your bread at the outside temperature, you are keeping it in a cool, dry place and properly packed. Do not let it interact with the environment. 

The moisture can make the spoiling process faster. 

After this exposure to moisture, even if you store it in the fridge or freezer, it will be a vain attempt. 

This is because bacteria would already contaminate your Ezekiel bread. 

Now, store your Ezekiel bread directly in the fridge to be safer. The cooler environment will slow the process of spoilage. 

If you have opened the packet, use a package clip to store your Ezekiel bread packet. 

If it is not opened it is not an issue store it directly in the fridge. 

Now, you are someone using Ezekiel bread in bulk or using them in batches. 

The best way to store your Ezekiel bread is in the freezer. 

The cold temperature will surely even slower the process of spoilage, which allows each slice of bread to last longer. 

Your bread would be completely fine once thawed. Just keep the amount of bread required for you a day before or at least 8 hours before you decide to use them in the fridge, and you will be all ready. 

Ezekiel Bread used to make Healthy Breakfast
Healthy Breakfast made using Ezekiel Bread

How to Tell if Ezekiel Bread is Bad? 

How much ever you try your Ezekiel bread, like all the other kinds of bread, faster will go bad. Even if you try to preserve it with all the tricks you can. 

It is important that you know to recognize that your Ezekiel bread has gone bad. Here are some cues to recognize that your Ezekiel bread has spoiled.

  1. Do a taste check if your Ezekiel bread has a bad or foul smell. If the bread doesn’t have the sweet wheatish taste and is bitter or weird, throw it away.
  1. If you see mold or fungi growing on top of your bread, which is quite often why bread goes bad, then you know it better to discard it as soon as possible. 
  1. If you have left your Ezekiel bread in the fridge for way too long or moisture has been caught in the bread, it would take and be hard. You should not use or consume such bread. Period. 


I hope I have answered all your queries regarding the shelf-life and storage of Ezekiel bread. 

If you have any such queries about other of your favorite bread or bread varieties, we have a list of articles for you to check. 

Remember, Safe eating is Fun eating. Follow us for more such articles. 

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