How Long Does Domino’s Pizza Last? [Only Facts]

How long do Domino's Pizza last

The first thing that comes to mind when we think about pizza is cheese, and then we think about Domino’s.

Be it a day you just want to chill, don’t like cooking, or want a quick and reasonable meal. Domino’s is the home name for it.

There must have been those days when we bought Domino’s Pizza or pizzas and couldn’t finish them all. 

Or worst and possibly unlike found a slice or leftover in your fridge after a long time. Now you are confused about whether eating it is okay or not. 

If you are facing similar problems, ding, ding, ding! You have landed on the perfect website. 

I am here to answer all your queries regarding how long your Domino’s Pizza last and how you can store them for better preservation.

Don’t have time, here’s a quick Answer

Room TemperatureFridge Freezer
Domino’s Pizza2 hours 3 to 4 days 2 to 3 months

How Long is Domino’s Pizza Good for? 

Place your Domino’s pizza in the fridge within two hours of preparation, and it will last for up to 4 days, three days being the recommended shelf life of the average slice.

The shelf-life of Pizza depends upon the temperature and the storage methods. 

If any one of the mentioned properties is faulty, there is a possible chance that your Domino’s Pizza is Going bad. 

Domino’s Pizza, or any Pizza for that matter, has ingredients that are not shelf-stable which means they can go bad easily at normal room temperatures. 

Hence, you shouldn’t leave out your Pizza for more than 2 hours. There is a lot of cheese, vegetables, sauces (cheese, chili garlic, tomato), and some kinds of meat that can easily go bad if not stored in good condition. 

You must know to store your Domino’s Pizza either above 140 degrees Fahrenheit or below 40 degrees Fahrenheit. In these conditions, there will be no microbial growth that can spoil your pizza. 

How long do Domino's Pizza Unrefrigerated
Domino’s Pizza Unrefrigerated

How Long Does Domino’s Pizza Last in Fridge?

The best way and simplest way to store your Domino’s Pizza, either the entire thing or the leftover sizes, is by storing it in the fridge. 

The fridge is in the best condition, under 40 degrees Fahrenheit for storing your Pizza. Your pizza will stay fresh and last in good condition in the fridge. 

USDA says to store your Domino’s Pizza within 2 hours. 

If you have stored the Domino’s Pizza with the utmost care, it will last around 3 and sometimes even 4 days. 

Can you Freeze Domino’s Pizza?

You will be happy to hear that the answer to this question is, Yes! Surely you can Freeze your Domino’s Pizza. This is the best option if you think you won’t be able to eat it sooner. 

It becomes crucial to store your Domino’s Pizza in the fridge because the cold temperatures in the freezer prohibit bacterial growth. 

Plus, almost all the ingredients used in the Pizza freeze well and are good when thawed. 

Pizza retains its crunch and taste, making Freeze an ideal storage condition. 

How Long Does Domino’s Pizza Last in the Freezer?

As we know now, Domino’s Pizza can freeze well in the freezer without any issues. Hence making storage in the freezer a good choice for your pizza. 

You have to make sure you mark dates while storing the pizza to know when you have stored it. 

Your Domino’s Pizza would last around 2 to 3 months if stored in adequate conditions in the freezer. 

When thawed, it would taste almost the same. It wouldn’t be as good as when it was Fresh, that is obvious. I mean, what would? But it would still be the same pretty great. 

Storing Domino’s Pizza for Better Shelf Life

It would be heartbreaking to throw out your favorite Pizza just because you didn’t store it properly. It would probably be one of the worst feelings ever. 

Hence, storage of your Pizza is very Important. There are some basic tips and tricks that you need to follow at all costs to make sure your pizza stays fresh. And that’s it. It would be all good to go.

Let’s dive in

  1. Firstly, we discussed the parameters of 140 degrees Fahrenheit and 40 degrees Fahrenheit. We have to follow this parameter all the time. If not, bacteria would infect it. 
  2. If you have just bought or just received the delivery of your pizza and if you have some time to eat it, you can store it in a warm oven. This way, your Pizza can stay fresh and not get spoiled. 
  3. If you are not going to eat your pizza for longer hours or have some leftover slices, then store your pizza in the fridge.
  4. You need to use plastic wrap or aluminum foil to wrap around the pizza slice and store it in a freezer-friendly bag. 
  5. Or you can store it in an air-tight container and for extra protection, wrap your pizza with plastic wrap and then store it in the fridge or the freezer. 
  6. Please! Refrain from storing your pizza in the box that it comes in. It needs to be air-tight and it will make your pizza hard or stale. And may also lead to spoilage. 
  7. Keep the Pizzas on top of each other, if done so they will get soggy. Store them separately, side by side. 
  8. While thawing, you can store your pizza in the fridge and heat it in the oven or a pan. 

How to Know if Domino’s Pizza has Gone Bad? 

Like any other food, the delicious and yummy pizza eventually goes bad. Are you wondering why?

Spoilage is caused by high temperatures and poor storage.

Here are some tips on how to tell if your pizza is terrible;

The first thing to do is check the texture. The texture of Pizza tends to be hard and stale when it goes bad, it is still safe to consume, but not very tasty.

If your pizza smells foul or has mold, it’s spoiled.

You can also tell that your pizza has gone bad by its taste, appearance, and its smell.

Despite looking fresh and smelling fine, it tastes horrible after a while. The above signs indicate that you need to throw your pizza out as you will risk your health if you consume it.

It’s time to toss the pizza when it becomes slimy or gooey.

Upon thawing, the pizza becomes darker and untasteful due to freezer burns.

In accordance with the standard guidelines, meat isn’t the only food that causes foodborne diseases and non-vegetarian pizzas are prone to different types of diseases when they have gone bad.

The pizza should not be kept once it has been on the counter overnight.


I hope I have answered all your queries regarding the shelf-life and storage of Domino’s Pizza. 

If you have any such queries about other items from Domino’s or any other food outlet, we have a list of articles for you to check. 

Remember Safe eating is Fun eating. Follow us for more such articles.

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