How long does Creme Brulee last?

How long does Creme Brulee last

We all love different varieties of French desserts. They are something unique and honestly delicious, to say the list.

Creme Brulee is one such French dessert that we all love and cherish. Its sweet, creamy caramel flavor just keeps your mind in heaven.

It is a creamy custard dish that uses only 5 ingredients (with some exceptions): vanilla beans or vanilla extract, egg yolks, heavy cream, a pinch of salt, and sugar. With these 5 basic ingredients, you can have this delicacy.

You were in a good mood and decided to make some Creme Brulee for you and your family. Not all the creme brulee was eaten, and you had some leftovers.

Some with caramelized sugar and some with just the custard. You are confused about how to store them.

Creme Brulee generally lasts for 5 days if kept properly in the fridge. But this number may vary depending on different situations. 

I am here to answer all your queries regarding how long Creme Brulee will last and how you can store them for better preservation.

The Shelf Life of Creme Brulee.

Creme Brulee is made with the most basic ingredients but is super creamy and tasty.

Not something that you would like to waste. 

Hence you need to know the self-life of Creme Brulee.

The shelf-life of Creme Brulee depends on how you store Creme Brulee.

It also depends on where you store your Creme Brulee. 

Don’t have time, here’s a quick answer. 

Creme Brulee2 hours5 days4 to 6 months 

Did you know: The first recipe for Creme Brulee appeared in 1691, and this is the recipe that we use to make modern Creme Brulee.

How long does Creme Brulee last in the Fridge?

Creme Brulee is a dessert with a lot of cream and eggs as its key ingredients. All of these are perishable products.

Hence, your favorite Creme Brulee has a limited shelf-life. And your creme Brulee will stay in the best condition if you store them in the fridge.

You should keep creme brulee in the fridge to let them cool down once they are cooked. 

This will help the Creme Brulee to settle down properly before caramelizing them. 

Next, once your Creme Brulee is prepared, and you will not consume them that instant, you should store them in the fridge. 

Your Creme Brulee will stay fresh and of good quality for almost 5 days if you have kept it in the fridge.

Served Creme Brulee
Served Creme Brulee

How long does Creme Brulee last in the Freezer?

If you want to store your Creme Brulee for a longer time, you should choose to store your Creme Brulee in the freezer.

If you are preparing Creme Brulee for some event or a function and there are multiple dishes that you have to prepare. 

Then in such situations, you can prepare your creme Brulee before the hand and store them in the freezer.

In the freezer, your Creme Brulee would last for around 4 to 6 months in a healthy and good condition.

Tip to remember: Prefer to store your Creme Brulee without the caramelized sugar. As the caramelized sugar tastes good when it’s fresh and hot. 

Can Creme Brulee be left out Overnight?

It may happen that you would have left your screen Brulee out overnight.

If you put your Creme Brulee in the fridge, it’s ok.

And if you have left your creme Brulee outside for 2 hours, you can store them in the fridge. They won’t go bad.

But if you have left your Creme Brulee outside for more than 2 hours, then your Creme Brulee must have gone bad, and you shouldn’t consume it.

Can I caramelize Creme Brulee ahead of time?

Classic Creme Brulee is supposed to have freshly caramelized sugar on top of them. When you shove your spoon in the Creme Brulee then, it should crack. This is the classic Brulee.

You can caramelize your Creme Brulee a little before when you decide to eat them. 

Try to avoid caramelizing your Creme Brulee if you are going to store Creme Brulee in the fridge for a long time. It would get soft and won’t have the same cracking effect. 

It would still taste good and be fresh just won’t give the classic Creme Brulee vibe.

How to store Creme Brulee?

Creme Brulee is barely a simple dish to prepare except for that torching part. It may give nightmares to some people as it can make or break your Creme Brulee.

However, storing creme Brulee is fairly easy. You must remember some important points, and you will be all good.

Let the creme Brulee cool down before storing them in the fridge.

You can store your creme Brulee in an airtight container if you have slices or pieces of creme Brulee. You can also store them in a plastic bag. Just make sure to gush out as much air as possible before storing them.

If your Creme Brulee is still in the baking cups, place them in a container or a bag. And if they come with an airtight lid, then simply cover them with the lids.

A similar process has to be followed while storing your creme Brulee in the freezer. You have to make sure all your creme Brulee are properly protected so that no ice crystals are formed.

While thawing, removes the wanted amount of Creme Brulee from the freezer and place them in the fridge for 30 minutes. 

Don’t refreeze the Creme Brulee once they have been thawed.

How to tell if Creme Brulee has gone bad?

Creme Brulee is tasty and has a fairly limited shelf-life. Eventually, it is bound to go bad.

You need to remember some things to recognize that your Creme Brulee has gone bad.

Do the taste check if your Creme Brulee has an off or a weird smell. If it doesn’t taste like normal Creme Brulee, you shouldn’t consume that creme Brulee. 

It shouldn’t if your Creme Brulee looks lumpy, slimy, or grainy. Then it’s an indication that it has gone bad.

If molds or fungi are growing on the surface of the creme Brulee, you know it better to discard them as soon as possible.


We hope that we have answered all your queries regarding how long Creme Brulee will last and how you can store them to preserve them properly.

Creme Brulee is a delicacy that shouldn’t waste, so store them in the said manner.

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