How long does Coquito last?

How long does Coquito last

“Keep calm and drink Coquito.” is the mantra that some of us rely on. However, coquito is one of the creamiest cocktails out there. A Peurto Rican cocktail, also known as Purto Rican Eggnog, has blessed the taste buds of millions worldwide.

It is a traditional cocktail with several recipes spread between different generations. But the heart of the coquito is coconut.

You tried making some coquito at home for some party, and now there are leftovers. You stored the coquito in the fridge. But forgot to drink it. Now, you are confused it is good to consume a coquito or not.

Well, I am at your service, too, so you don’t have to worry about Coquito. 

The shelf-life of a coquito depends on how and where you store it. It also depends on the amount of rum involved in the coquito or whether or not it has an egg involved in it. 

Let’s know more about the shelf-life of coquito in detail.

Don’t have time, here’s a quick table

Pantry Fridge Freezer
Coquito 4 days 3 to 6 months 2 to 5 months

Did you know: That Coquito is the traditional drink enjoyed during Christmas in Peurto Rico (Just like eggnog is consumed around Christmas in the USA)

How long does Coquito last in Fridge?

Coquito is a drink like all others and is best when served cold. So, keeping the coquito in the fridge is common before you decide to serve it. 

Some people prepare the coquito and keep it in the fridge for several days. After a few days, they consume coquito it would taste better as it ages. 

However, if you like to consume aged or fresh, one thing is clear keeping the coquito in the fridge is a must to do a thing. 

If you want your coquito to stay fresh and retain its taste even after weeks, then you should store the coquito in the fridge. 

Your Coquito will last anywhere around 2 to even 6 months if you store it in the fridge, assuming that you have stored the coquito in proper and adequate conditions.

How long does Coquito last with alcohol in Fridge? 

Ingredients in coquito, such as coconut cream and milk, condensed liquid, and so on, spoil quickly.

Hence rum plays a major role in preserving the coquito as it protects the coquito from bacteria and prevents spoilage. 

The coquito, which has alcohol (mostly rum) involved, will last way longer than the coquito, which doesn’t have rum. 

Coquito with rum would last around 4 to 6 months if kept in the freezer in good condition. 

Coquito in Alcohol
Coquito on Christmas Night

Tip to remember: Always put alcohol at the last while making a coquito. By doing this, you will be easily able to blend the cocktail. 

How long does Coquito last with eggs?

As said in the start, Coquito is also known as the Peurto Rican version of eggnog. But the biggest difference between Eggnog and Coquito is that, generally, the coquito doesn’t have an egg.

However, if you want your coquito to have a thick and rich texture, and you cannot achieve the coconut cream or the milk, then some use eggs to enhance the richness of the Coquito. 

However, if eggs are involved in the coquito, the drink will not last for that long. It increases the chance of a coquito going bad.

Coquito with eggs would only last 3 to 4 weeks compared to the ones without eggs which last for around 4 to 6 months. 

How long does Coquito last in Freezer?

If you want to ensure that your coquito stays in its best quality for the longest time, then it’s best to store the coquito in the freezer. 

If stored properly, your Couito will last around 2 to 5 months in the fridge in the best condition. 

Make sure you don’t refreeze the batch of coquito that has been thawed. There will be no guarantee that the coquito to stay good if you do it. 

And there would be the possibility of the entire batch of coquito going bad due to this mistake. So just be aware of this factor, and you will be all good to go. 

Coquito Served on Christmas Night
Coquito in Glass

Why does my Coquito get chunky?

It is normal for your coquito to get chunky, solid, or separate when you store them. The first reason must be that the coconut cream you would be using must be chunky. To avoid this, just blend your coconut cream in the mixer and then use it. 

Another reason must be there are a lot of coconut products in coquito. All the fat in the drink can get separated away and can rise above. Due to this, your coquito doesn’t have a smooth texture. 

But you have nothing to worry about. Just shake the container or bottle properly before drinking, and it will easily mix. But if it doesn’t, you can simply blend it in the mixer for a few seconds, and your coquito will taste the smoothest it has ever tasted. 

How to Store Coquito?

You can make sure that your coquito is stored properly by storing it in your refrigerator after placing it perfectly in an airtight container.

You can choose to store your coquito in glass bottles too!

This will keep your coquito safe and make it easy for you to pick it up and have a go at it!

If you have used egg in your coquito, make sure you give it a good stir before pouring it out!

You can also opt for freezing your coquito, which will last longer for around 2 months in the freezer, given they are stored in freezer bags.

Tip – You should write on coquito containers on what date they were stored to know how long they will last.

How to tell if Coquito is bad?

Coquito is one of the few cocktails that are very different from others. This is why you always wish to have some more and would hate it if it got wasted. 

But, if you cannot finish it in time, the coquito will go bad. 

A few things hint that your coquito has gone bad and needs to be discarded as soon as possible.

If your coquito starts smelling like sour milk, you have to throw it away as it has officially gone bad.

Even if you sense a change in the taste of your coquito, trash it away as it has turned bad and is unsafe to consume. 

If either of the ingredients shows a different color or tastes different than what they used to it’s time to get rid of your coquito. 

These are the ways by which you will know if your yummy coquito has unfortunately gone bad.

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