How long does Applesauce last? Storage, Shelf Life, Expiry

How long does applesauce last

Applesauce is a healthy, tasty, and sweet alternative to eggs and oil in baked goods. It is vegan-friendly and tastes amazing. Who wouldn’t enjoy it? 

But do you ever wonder how long the applesauce sitting in your pantry or fridge will last? How and when does applesauce go bad?

Store-bought applesauce, when stored in the fridge can last 7 to 10 days, if it’s homemade then it has a shorter shelf life of 4 to 6 days. 

If so, you have landed on the perfect article. We answer all your applesauce queries. Let’s begin. 

How long does Applesauce last? 

The life of applesauce depends on what kind of applesauce it is. Whether you prepare it, with homemade sauce or if you felt like buying it from a store, store-bought sauce.

Various store-bought applesauce brands claim different expiry and best by a certain day. So it can vary from brand to brand. 

For eg. Tree Top usually refers to checking the “best by” date on the package (mostly 7 days if opened) whereas Holmes applesauce suggests it can be used for 30 days if opened. Let’s see the general life span of beloved applesauce.

Store Bought, UnopenedBest by 2 to 4 months (around 70 F)
Store Bought, OpenedNot recommendable Around 7 to 14 days
HomemadeIf properly stored 3 days(still not recommendable) Around 4 to 7 days 

Store-Bought Applesauce  

It’s not always possible to make Applesauce at home for your pancakes. So, you bring applesauce from a store. You need to know how long will the store-bought applesauce will last.

It varies depending on whether you have opened the container or not.


If you have opened the jar or package of Applesauce it is better to use it within 7 to 10 days in a fridge. You cannot forget the applesauce once you have opened it and used it. You have to store it in the fridge. 

However different brands have different “best-by” dates. So, it is better that you properly read the information available at the back of the package. It contains the “best by” date. 


In case of unopened jar or package of applesauce brought from the store can be stocked in your pantry. Up until it’s perfectly sealed and unopened it can be stored in the pantry for around 2 to 4 months, depending on its expiry date.

Once Applesauce passes its expiry date, it’s good if you avoid using that product. You need to check if it’s tasting good. If it tastes good you can go ahead and use it. But if you are not sure if the applesauce will be good once it’s expiry, it’s better to throw it out.

Store bought AppleSauce

How long can Applesauce last at room temperature? 

You had some free time and decided to make applesauce at home, and you have some leftovers. Generally, homemade sauce if properly stored in an air-tight container will last around 7 to 15 days in the fridge. 

It also depends on what was the recipe for making Applesauce. Different applesauce recipes may have different shelf life. Another important thing that people often forget is how the Applesauce is prepared. 

If the utensils used are not clean or contaminated by something, there is a possibility of applesauce going bad even if it’s stored properly.

How to store Applesauce 


Most packaged applesauce that you buy is properly pasteurized and packaged in a way that they cannot be contaminated by any kind of microbes  (such as lactic acid bacteria or various kinds of fungi that can grow on apple or apple products).

Thus. Applesauce containers are usually very well packed so, an unopened container can last very well in a pantry or anywhere in a corner of the kitchen cupboard which is dark and not moist. 


As mentioned earlier, store-bought Applesauce is well preserved. Once you open it, there should be no problem with its storage because usually the store-bought container can be sealed back. 

But after opening, you can use applesauce for a limited period. The best way you can store opened applesauce is in a fridge.


For homemade applesauce, you can store it in a container that can be properly sealed. Any plastic or glass container would work. Once the applesauce is prepared, let it cool down for a while and later collect it in a container, seal it properly with caution and store it in the fridge. 

If you are making homemade applesauce in large quantities you can add one more step so that the applesauce can be stored for a longer time. Use jars to store the applesauce and seal them with air-tight lids. 

Make sure that the lids don’t allow air or water. Then place all the jars in a suspender and boil the jars in water. The suspender will not let jars immerse completely in the water. 

This process will kill any bacteria lurking outside the jars and will help you preserve your homemade applesauce for a longer time. Isn’t that great?

Homemade AppleSauce

Can you store applesauce in the freezer?

Sure, why not? You can stock up on applesauce in a freezer whether it is homemade or store-bought. There are some steps you need to follow

  1. Firstly you need to store the applesauce in a jar or a plastic bag (if homemade) which is clean. 
  2. You need to gush out all the air from the plastic bag or use air-tight lids (for jars) to prevent any microbial contamination. 
  3. Next, you need to place applesauce in the fridge until it’s cold. 
  4. Later you should store applesauce in the freezer.

Homemade applesauce can be stored in a freezer for almost 3 months. But remember while storing don’t fill up the container full. Leave some space so it will become easy to open the lid.

The drawback of storing applesauce in the freezer is that the texture can be hammered during thawing. But it doesn’t affect the quality of applesauce. You can place applesauce in the fridge before using it to regain the texture.

How to know if Applesauce has gone bad?

Applesauce is generally of light yellowish color. A way to know that your applesauce has gone bad is if it has lost its color due to discoloration. However, a brown layer developing on the applesauce is not a problem. It’s normal. 

If the store-bought applesauce has any opening or is not properly sealed, throw that away even if it’s before the “best by” date. 

If your applesauce smells foul or funny it has probably gone bad. You can taste check it if it tastes good you can use it. But be careful. If your applesauce has some mold, or fungi growing on it, throw the entire thing in the trash.

It’s advisable to be more mindful of food items that need to be stored in the refrigerator. It’s hard for one to recognize if the food products are gone bad that is stored in the fridge. 

It’s better to throw out food products if they are passed their due date because it’s difficult to recognize the first indications of the product going bad.


So, you have to be a little mindful about the way you store applesauce. There are different methods of storing opened and unopened applesauce. 

The shelf-life of applesauce also changes from brand to brand. If stored properly you can savor and use applesauce in your pancakes, waffles, oats, or anything that you enjoy. 

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