How long do Smoothies last in the Fridge

How long do Smoothies Last in Fridge

Smoothies are super-rich beverages that have revolutionized the life of health-conscious people in a tasty way. There are thousands of combinations and thousands of recipes that you can try out.

It’s a good swap to snack if you are feeling hungry. Smoothies are great if you want to lose weight and delicious in many ways.

You tried out your favorite recipe and have made a little more than what would you usually required. You are not sure how long this smoothie will last and whether you can drink it the next few days from today.

You have nothing to worry about because we will be answering all your queries regarding how long will your smoothies will last and how to store them properly for better preservation.

Tip to remember: While making your smoothies, try to put water, milk, or any liquid first at the bottom and then out other solids like vegetables, fruits, etc. Doing this will help you achieve a smooth texture without hardly any chunks.

Don’t have time, get Quick Answer 

Store Bought, Unopened6 to 8 months 
Store Bought, Opened2 hours5 days
Homemade2 hours 2 days

How long do Smoothies last in the fridge?

It’s quite challenging to say how long a particular smoothie will last. 

Different types of smoothies contain various ingredients such as milk, fruit juice, vegetables, herbs, sweeteners, protein powders, and fruits. 

Every combination will result in a new flavor and a varied shelf-life. 

There will also be some differences in the shelf-life of homemade and store-bought smoothies. 

Let’s look at the difference between the shelf-life of homemade and store-bought smoothies:

Spinach Smoothies

Store-Bought Smoothies 

If you are in a time crunch. You don’t have time to make a smoothie. You can simply buy smoothie bottles from a store or from online. 

Some brands sell amazing smoothies all around the world. But, as with other beverages, smoothies last for a limited period. 

If opened, the shelf-life of a store-bought smoothie, knowing that you stored it in the fridge constantly, will be only 2 to 5 days.

Shelf-life of store-bought smoothies may vary from brand to brand. Noka Organic smoothies say that their smoothies require no refrigeration. 

Whereas Raw claims that you should consume their smoothies within 2 days once opened and should be kept in the fridge the whole time.

For more information, refer to the “Best By” date on the back of the smoothie bottle to know more about the smoothie’s shelf-life. 

Remember that the “Best By” date determines the quality of the smoothie and not its safety. 

Tip to remember: Be careful while buying smoothies from the store if you want to lose weight. Many store-bought smoothies have added sugars or juices which are high in sugar. This will increase your blood pressure and won’t help in weight loss either.

Homemade Smoothies 

Homemade smoothies don’t last as long as store-bought smoothies. 

Store-bought smoothies are pasteurized and there are certain preservatives added to them, which allows store-bought smoothies to last longer. 

Not all homemade smoothies can go through all of that.

Hence homemade smoothies perish quickly. But, a good homemade smoothie is filled with raw natural micronutrients required for your body. 

If kept in the fridge, homemade smoothies can last for 48 hours. 

You need to store the homemade smoothie in a proper container to retain its freshness and goodness. 

Tip to remember: Try to use frozen fruits and cold juice to make your smoothie chill instead of adding ice. 

Fresh Smoothie Served

How long do Smoothies last out of the Fridge? 

Keeping smoothies outside the fridge at room temperature is never a good idea.

This is because several perishable ingredients go into the making of smoothies. 

There are dairy products, fruits, vegetables, and so many other ingredients that don’t last for a longer time. 

If kept in the open for more than 2 hours, the elements present in smoothies go under oxidation.

This will lead to the contamination of the smoothies due to the growth of microbes and the nutrient value of the smoothie will decline.

How to store Smoothies

Smoothies are famous worldwide because they are super easy to store. 

You just have to remember some key points, and you are all good to have some healthy drink. 

There will be some differences in how you can store homemade and store-bought smoothies. 

But nothing to worry about; everything is covered down.  

Refrigerating Smoothies 

Refrigerating any kind of smoothies is one of the best ways of smoothie storage you have got under your sleeves.

Most store-bought smoothies are for one-time consumption. They finish in one go, but sometimes you cannot finish it in one go, or you have bought a large bottle of smoothie. 

At such times you should remember that most store-bought smoothie bottles are resealable. Just seal it back properly, and you are good to go.

If your smoothie is homemade, make sure that you store it in a good air-tight container. 

Once you transfer the smoothie to a container, you can directly store the bottle/jar in the fridge. 

Or you can heat the jars/bottle in hot water so that your smoothie will be fresh for a longer time.

Tip to remember: You can add some stabilizers such as Xanthan gum to prolong the life of your homemade smoothies.

Freezing Smoothies 

You can easily store smoothies in the freezer for at least 3 months, whether be a homemade smoothie or a store-bought smoothie. 

You can transfer any smoothie into an ice tray to make ice cubes of your favorite smoothies.

You can easily thaw them when and how much is required. 

You can keep frozen smoothies in the fridge to thaw if you are not gonna consume them right away.

If you are consuming quickly, you can keep the smoothie at an average temperature.

Tip to remember: You can add fruits rich in antioxidants to avoid oxidation.

How to know if Smoothies have gone bad

Banana is a prevalent fruit used in various smoothies. 

But a drawback of adding bananas is that bananas go brown quickly. So your smoothie can get a brownish hue. But it’s completely normal.

If the smoothie smells pungent or weird, you should have a test checked. If a smoothie tastes weird, you shouldn’t consume it.

If the smoothie doesn’t have the same color or doesn’t taste the same, you should throw it out.

If there is mold growing on your smoothie, you know yourself to throw it out in thrash.

While buying smoothies from the store, ensure the bottle is properly sealed.


We hope that we have answered your questions regarding how long your smoothies will last and how you can store them properly. 

Always remember the “ 2 hours” rule if you have any kind of smoothies left out at room temperature. 

You should consume any smoothie 2 days after making it knowing that you have stored it in the refrigerator.

You can enjoy all your favorite smoothies freely without worrying about how long they will last.

Remember, Safe eating (here drinking) is Safe eating (drinking). Follow us for more such articles.

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