How Long do Skittles last? [Expiration]

How long do Skittles last

I love skittles even though I never thought I would like something that is skittles. 

They are good snacks to munch on and are a great treat after a long and hard day.

You had bought some extra skittles for the Halloween season as it is just around the corner, Or simply they were available on sale near your supermarket, and you over-shopped a bit. 

You are worried that eating so many skittles at one go may not be a good idea. How long do skittles last is the question coming to your mind when you discover an old packet of snickers?

Generally, open skittles stored in the fridge last around 6 to 8 months, and unopened skittles can last anywhere between 18 months in the fridge. Skittles have a very good shelf life even outside the fridge, it can last for up to 6 months. 

The way they are structured makes them last longer. But the shelf-life of your skittles depends on whether the packet is open and how you store them. 

Let’s know more about the shelf-life of skittles, 

Don’t have time, Here’s a Quick Table

Skittles CounterFridge Freezer 
Opened Pack 6 months6 to 8 months 12 months 
Unopened Pack 12 to 14 months 18 months24 

How long do Skittles last in Fridge?

Skittles are as fun as they sound. You must be all familiar with the Skittles “Taste the rainbow” Advertisement campaign. And all of us have dearly enjoyed the taste of rainbows.

And you can keep tasting the rainbows if you store them properly. Generally, your skittles would last well at normal temperatures itself. 

But if you want to ensure that your skittles would last longer, then you can surely store them in the fridge. 

In the fridge, your skittles would last around 1 to 2 years, assuming that you have stored them  properly. But it’s highly recommended to eat fresh skittles. 

For more information, look at the back of the skittles package, where you will find the “Best By’ date. Remember that the “Best By” date determines the quality of the product and not the safety.

How long do Skittles last in Freezer?

Skittles have a long shelf life and stay in good condition even at room temperature. There is no such need to store skittles in the freezer unless necessary.

If you have a large number of skittles packets and you know you won’t be consuming them for a long time, then store your skittles in the freezer. 

In the freezer, your skittles would stay good for years, but their quality and taste would start to deteriorate after 2 years of keeping in such a cold environment. 

Just store them in good condition and consume them or use them within this period. 

How long do Skittles last at Room Temperature? 

Skittles are part of those food products that stay in good condition even at room temperature. 

As said before, skittles have a long shelf life. The unopened packet of skittles would last around 12 months at least; that is what is said on their packets. 

But skittles do last longer for that as the expiration date indicates the quality of the skittles. Your skittles packets can stay good for years if stored in assumed conditions.

Some say that unopened packets of skittles stay good for almost 20 years. As good as it sounds, you shouldn’t consume such old candy because it will not taste like skittles. 

Their texture and even the sugar would have disintegrated into something sticky. Not something I think tastes like rainbows. 

Expiration of Skittles, Are they still good after expiration

How long do Skittles last after Opening? 

By now, you shouldn’t be surprised to learn that skittles last for a good time even after they are opened. But only when they are stored properly. 

If your skittles are lying on your kitchen cupboard where they are exposed to moisture or sunlight from the nearby window, they won’t last. 

Your skittles would last around 6 months to maybe even 5 years, depending on certain factors. 

If you are storing your skittles in the open when the packet is torn, they will not last for even a few days as ants can attack them.

If you’re storing torn packets of skittles in the fridge, they would only last for 6 months.

But, if you store them properly, they can last anywhere between 1 to 2 years and maybe even 3. 

How to Store Skittles? 

Skittles are a delicious and long-lasting product that one can continue enjoying over time. It is very simple to store skittles 

If you have your unopened packets of skittles, you can simply keep them in the pantry in dry condition, and that’s it. They will stay there in good condition for the longest time. 

If you have opened your packet of skittles, you should transfer them into an air-tight container, and you will be all good to go. You can store them in the pantry in a dry and cool environment.

Or, in the fridge, if you want to ensure that they would stay good for a longer time.  You can also store them in the freezer if you want them to last well. 

How long do Skittles last after Expiration?

Skittles have an expiration date, and eventually, they tend to go bad after some time. But it is not always after the expiration date.

If you are storing the skittles in a good dry condition where there is no interaction of moisture whatsoever, you can consume skittles months after their expiration date. 

But this doesn’t guarantee their taste. They may most likely have a different taste than the original fresh ones. 

Remember – Skittles also last for about 2 years after their expiration date before going completely bad! Crazy, right?

How to Tell if Skittles are bad? 

Skittles do not have the presence of microorganisms in them. 

This keeps them safe from rotting and mold.

Once you notice that they have gone brittle, take it as a hint and throw them out, as they are no longer safe to eat.

You will also notice that they have lost their cute shape, become somewhat stale, and even lost their sweet taste when they are going bad. This same happens with slim jims, dunkin donuts and krispy kreme donuts.

These signs let you know that your skittles have gone bad and you need to discard them.

Remember – It’s hard for the skittles to lose their taste completely, so be aware of slight changes.


I hope I have answered all your queries regarding how long your skittles would last and how you can store them. 

You should store them properly in air-tight bags so they can last longer.

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