How long do Pickled Eggs last? [Complete Shelf Life]

How long do Pickled eggs last

Pickled eggs, made to last for a long time, are hard-boiled eggs preserved in vinegar with a lot of salt and pickling herbs.

When I first made this dish, I was unaware of how long Pickled Eggs last. 

But from my experience, I will share some insights with you. 

Generally, pickled eggs last for 3 – 4 months if stored properly in the fridge. An unopened bottle of the pickled egg can last for 8 months in the fridge. 

Indeed, you would want your delicious pickled eggs to last long, won’t you?

So let’s dig deeper to know the shelf life of pickled eggs. 

How long do Pickled Eggs Last? 

Pickled eggs are one tasty meal that almost everyone likes. Pickled eggs do last for a longer time than simple eggs. The process of pickling is, after all, for preservation.

The lasting of pickled depends on various factors. It depends on the jars’ cleanliness, the brand you buy pickled eggs from, or other reasons. 

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Store Bought, Unopened8 monthsNot recommended 
Store Bought, Opened2 hours3 to 4 monthsNot recommended 
Homemade2 hours3 to4 monthsNot recommended 

How long do Pickled Eggs last Unrefrigerated? 

Once you have brought your favorite pickled eggs from the store, you will surely consume them because you can’t wait. Or you have very good willpower, and you wait. 

Whether opened jar or unopened jar, it’s never entirely safe to store pickled eggs at room temperature. 

CDC suggests that one should not keep pickling eggs at room temperature for more than 2 hours. They also say never to prick or pock your pickled eggs. This is because pickled eggs can become a ground for microbial contamination if either of these activities takes place. 

So, unless you are ready to serve or eat your pickled eggs, it is recommended not to keep pickled eggs outside at room temperature. 

This rule is the same for homemade as well as store-bought pickled eggs. 

Pickled Eggs on Counter

How long do Pickled Eggs last once opened? 

You have bought pickled eggs from the store, and now you are wondering if you know nothing about how long they will last.

You should keep them properly in the fridge so that they can last longer. Pickled eggs will last almost 4 months since you store them in the fridge. 

You should look at the “Best By” date on the store-bought pickled egg container to know more about the shelf-life of pickled eggs. 

Some brands claim that their pickled eggs need no refrigeration. But we should suggest otherwise because it’s better to be safe than sorry. 

How long do Pickled Eggs last in the Fridge? 

Unopened jars of pickled eggs last for 8 months, but after 4 months, they lose their freshness, and their taste starts to decline. This all is possible only when you store pickled eggs in the fridge. 

It has been stated by The National Center for Home Food Preservation that when refrigerated properly, pickled eggs can last 3 to 4 months without any issue and at their best quality as well. 

Hence storing pickled eggs in the fridge is the safest possible method you have got under your sleeves. 

Tips to Remember: When you season pickled eggs, store pickled eggs in the fridge to prevent bacterial growth. 

Pickled Eggs in Jar

How to Store Pickled eggs?

Storing pickled eggs is a pretty easy task. There are a few essential points that you need to remember all the time. Once you know all of them, you will be good to go.

As we know by now, pickled eggs are to be preserved by storing them in the refrigerator. 

Using plastic jars is not highly recommended as plastic absorbs the odors. 

You should never use metal containers to store your pickled eggs as they tend to react with the acids in pickled eggs.

It is best to go with glass canning jars as they work well and become seal-tight when closed. You can also use ceramic jars to store pickled eggs. 

Ensure you thoroughly cover your eggs with vinegar before placing them in glass or ceramic jars. 

And, it’s a solid no to store your pickled eggs in the freezer.

Tips to Remember – The time required for your pickled eggs to get appropriately seasoned depends only on their size. Small-sized eggs take 1-2 weeks, and medium/large-sized eggs take 3-4 weeks to get perfectly seasoned. 

How to know if Pickled eggs have gone bad? 

Pickled eggs last a long time and are prepared for preservation but eventually go bad. 

If they are giving a foul smell, that indicates that they have gone bad.

Any smell other than the vinegar solution means it’s time for you to discard your pickled eggs.

If you notice the formation of bubbles on the surface of your pickled egg solution, they have stopped becoming safe for consumption.

Also, when your pickled egg solution bulges the lids of your containers, it is another sign that you should discard the pickled eggs for safety reasons as too much acid is in them.

Lastly, if you observe a color change in your pickled egg solution, discarding them is a yes. 

If you see a growth of any mold or fungi on your pickled eggs, you know the best to throw them in thrash. 


We hope that we have answered all your questions regarding how long will the pickled eggs last and how you can store them for better preservation.  

Always remember the “2 hours” rule. And store pickled eggs in the fridge all the time to prevent the growth of bacteria. 

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