How long do Jolly Ranchers Last? (Shelf Life & Storage Tips)

How long do Jolly Ranchers last

Whether they are kids or adults we all have some or the other affection towards candy. The child-like innocence in our hearts still enjoying the sour delight. 

One such candy brand that has made a place for itself is Jolly Ranchers. They can be found almost everywhere. 

If you had bought a Jolly Ranchers packet and you forgot about it in the fridge or the pantry, then what would you do? 

If such questions are crawling in your mind, then you have landed on the perfect article. 

I am here to answer all your queries regarding how long Jolly Ranchers last and how you can store them for better preservation. 

How long do Jolly Ranchers last in Fridge? 

Jolly Ranchers are hard candy containing lots of sugar in a single candy. These granulated sugar can melt if the outside temperatures are high. 

So it it is always best to store your Jolly Ranchers well in the fridge to prevent melting.

Jolly ranchers, the entire unopened packet would last as long as its mentioned “Best-Buy” date. And can also last a few months after that date. 

If you have removed the candy from its wrapper, then make sure you consume them within 24 hours. Jolly Ranchers themselves recommend it. 

Do Jolly Ranchers have Gelatin? 

Most of the varieties of Jolly Ranchers, such as their gummies, do not have gelatin in them. They are completely vegan-friendly. 

Although, some varieties do have gelatin. So be careful about it and read the ingredients on the package before buying the product. 

And anyhow, Jolly Ranchers is after all a sugary candy, just because it is vegan will not change the fact that over-indulgence will make it bad for you. 

Jolly Ranchers Shelf Life
Jolly Ranchers Shelf Life

How to Store Jolly Ranchers for Better Shelf Life? 

Jolly Ranchers is a sugar-filled candy. Hence it is necessary that you store it properly so they don’t get contaminated. 

If you have an unopened packet of Jolly Ranchers, then you can store it at room temperature. 

You just have to find a cool and dry place, such as your pantry or a box. 

Prefer to store it in a box because even if the packaging is faulty, the gummies would still be safe. 

If you have burst opened the package, then store them in a good air-tight container to ensure complete safety from moisture and ants. 

If you have taken out the candy from its wrapper, then consume it at the same time. If not keep it in an air-tight container and try to consume or eat it within 24 hours. 

How to keep Jolly Ranchers from Getting Sticky? 

Jolly ranchers, as said earlier, are made up of mostly sugar. And there are high chance if left in bad condition, they can melt and make things messy. 

Nobody would like to clean sticky containers or cabinets. 

You can take some simple precautions to avoid such mishaps to happen so that you won’t waste your gummies and neither mess up your containers. 

You can store Jolly Ranchers in a good container in the fridge so that the melting can be avoided.

If you have removed Jolly Ranchers from their wrapping, then roll them in powdered sugar. 

Take a container, and cover the bottom with a paper towel to keep the container clean. 

These are a few ways by using which you can avoid Jolly Ranchers from getting sticky. 

What if you ate Expired Jolly Ranchers? 

Jolly Ranchers are mostly sugar, some added colors and preservatives. If you eat them extensively, you will have some problems. 

But we always have more concerns about the expired jolly ranchers. 

So, jolly ranchers do last well after expiration if stored properly. Jolly Ranchers have a best-by date i.e. after their expiration, they would reduce in quality. 

It determines nothing about safety. Hence you will be okay if you eat expired candy. But if you ate an excessive amount of candies you will have problems.

How to Know if Jolly Ranchers is Bad?

Jolly ranchers, like most candies out there, have a long shelf life. but there is a high chance of them going bad, especially if you do not store them properly. 

If you are to eat such spoiled candy or candies, then you can be nauseated. 

Hence it becomes important for you to recognize the spoiled jolly ranchers. 

Here are some tips to recognize that Jolly Ranchers has gone bad. 

If your jolly rancher’s candy has an odd or foul odor, then do a small taste check. If it doesn’t taste the same then throw it away.  

If jolly ranchers have a weird texture, such as sticky or slimy, it is a sign that your candies have gone bad. 

If your jolly ranchers have mold or fungi growing on top of it, you know it better to throw it away as soon as possible. 

Final Thoughts 

I hope I have answered your queries regarding the shelf-life and storage of Jolly Ranchers

If you have doubts about any other candy or chocolate then I have a list of articles for you to check out – skittles, slim jims, starbursts, tootsie rolls shelf life. 

Remember Fun eating is Safe eating.

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