How long do Duck Eggs last? [Storage Guide]

Duck Eggs Stored, Let's see how long do they last

You visited your nearest farmers market and bought some fresh duck eggs. You would have tried some dish with duck egg at a restaurant but bought it for the first time. 

Or bought duck eggs after a long time. After all, duck eggs are not produced as widely as chicken eggs. And they are a little more expensive than chicken eggs. My heart would pound to lose these duck eggs because of the lack of information.

You wouldn’t want your duck eggs to go bad, either. You have nothing to worry about.

I’m here to answer all your queries regarding how long duck eggs last and how you can store them for better preservation. 

Did you know: Khaki Campbell is the most famous duck breed for acquiring duck eggs.

How long do Fresh Duck Eggs last?

If you are lucky enough to find farm-fresh duck eggs, then you are kind of lucky. Finding fresh duck eggs is difficult if you are not living at or near a farm.

The good news is duck eggs last considerably longer than chicken eggs.

But, you will have to be careful of how you store duck eggs as it greatly affects their shelf-life. 

Generally, they would last around 3 weeks at room temperature, but this number would vary drastically depending on different conditions.

Don’t have time, here’s a Quick answer

Duck Eggs (Unwashed) 3 weeks3 to 4 months 6 months 

How long do Duck Eggs last?

The shelf-life of duck eggs depends on certain things.

If you have washed your fresh farm duck eggs, they will last for only 2 hours at room temperature. 

This is because the protective layer will be destroyed if you wash duck eggs, making them more susceptible to bacterial contamination. 

The same 2 hours at room temperature fate lies with those duck eggs bought from the farmer’s market as they are prewashed before selling.

You can extend the shelf-life of such washed duck eggs by storing them in the fridge. In the fridge, the duck eggs would last around 3 months, assuming that you have stored them properly.

Did you know: That duck eggs last for a longer time compared to chicken eggs? And duck eggs are richer in nutrients due to the duck’s diet. 

Duck Eggs Storage Method & Shelf Life
Duck Eggs Storage Technique

How long do Duck Eggs go Unwashed?

When I was buying from a local farm near my place, the vendors suggested that unless I was about to cook and eat the eggs, there was no need to wash them.

Duck eggs have a protective layer on their outer shell called “bloom” or “cuticle”. Due to this layer, the duck eggs are protected from bacteria.

If you are washing duck eggs, this protective layer would be ruined.

Hence, it’s perfectly fine not to wash your eggs until you decide to use them. Unwashed duck eggs would last 3 weeks at room temperature and for 4 good months in the fridge. 

Fresh farm duck eggs have a natural coating called a “bloom” or “cuticle” that acts as a protective barrier. Washing the egg removes this coating and makes it more susceptible to bacteria entering its countless tiny pores.

So, the best thing to do is not wash your eggs to keep the bloom intact.  If you get an egg with a lot of dirt or debris, you can take a dry rag or paper towel and remove it.

Use warm water. If you wash your egg with cool water, it causes the egg to pull bacteria inside.

Do be sure to completely dry the egg before storing it.

How to Clean Duck Eggs?

As we read earlier, unwashed duck eggs are better protected at room temperature. 

But the thing is, duck eggs can be dirtier than chicken eggs. More soil, dirt, and sometimes duck poop lurking on duck eggs. It can be disgusting at times. 

You wouldn’t want to store duck eggs in your pantry and especially not in the fridge in such conditions. 

At such times, you shouldn’t harshly wash your duck eggs. Don’t wash them under a tap or use any sort of bleach. Had done this once, and my duck eggs were gone bad within a day. 

Take a cloth, wet it with warm water, and gently clean away the dirt on the surface of the duck eggs. Dry them completely and store duck eggs in the fridge. 

Once you have washed, store your eggs in the fridge to protect them. 

Duck Eggs freshly packed
Duck Eggs Packed Freshly

How to Store Duck Eggs?

Duck eggs can be hard to find but storing them is simpler than you think. You would want your duck eggs to be stored properly so they remain safe and good to use. 

Tip to remember: Whenever you buy duck eggs, always ask the date of production of the eggs you purchase. It helps in storage a lot. 

Firstly, store the eggs in a clean and dry pantry (the unwashed one), an egg carton, or a container. Whichever you think would keep duck eggs safe. 

The washed duck eggs should be dried properly before storing them. 

Put the washer eggs in a container or egg carton. Even an ice tray will work if your ice tray is big enough that it can hold duck eggs, as they tend to be bigger than chicken eggs. 

Then store the carton or the tray in the fridge. Store them in the inside corner so they can stay safe, and the constant opening and shutting of the fridge door won’t affect it.

You can store your duck eggs in the freezer but storing them without shells is a preferred method. 

You need to break the egg and pour the egg yolk and white into an air-tight container. Mix them and add ½ teaspoon of salt depending on the eggs. 

Close the lid properly and write the day and number of duck eggs in the container. Store them in the freezer, and your duck egg yolk will last around 6 months in the fridge. 

This is an effective method to prolong the life of your duck eggs. 

For the thawing process, you just need to place the container in the freezer a day before you decide to use it. 

How to Tell if Duck Eggs have gone bad?

Duck eggs have a good shelf-life compared to other poultry products but can go bad easily if not kept in good conditions. 

Here are key points to recognizing that your duck eggs have gone bad. 

If you think your egg is discolored or the yolk is. Or you can find blood in the veins or the yolk while cooking, it’s a clear sign that duck eggs have gone bad.

If you see any mold or fungi growing on your duck eggs, you know it is better to throw them away.

If your duck eggs smell bad or foul, do a taste check. If they don’t taste the same, throwing them away is better.


I hope I have answered all your questions regarding how long duck eggs last and how you can store them.

This will help you to preserve your duck eggs for a long time. 

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