How long do Cinnamon Rolls last? [Storage Methods]

How long do Cinnamon Rolls last

Cinnamon rolls are something that feels like they are made in heaven. They are tasty, mouth-watering, and worth a little extra pound. 

I have never walked past a store where they sell cinnamon rolls and not bought them. Plus, they are quite simple to make at home. 

If you bought some extra from the store and couldn’t finish them or made excess cinnamon rolls at home (which is highly unlikely because they are never extra), you must be worried about how long cinnamon rolls will last.

There are different shelf-life of cinnamon rolls depending on different situations. 

But you have nothing to worry about; I am here to answer all your queries regarding how long will delicious cinnamon rolls last and how you can store them for better preservation. 

Do Cinnamon Rolls go Bad?

As hard as it is to hear this, cinnamon rolls have a small shelf life. After a certain time, they go bad and cannot be consumed. 

Their spoilage depends on multiple factors: the way they store them and whether they are cooked or uncooked. 

It also depends on what kind of icing you use on the top and whether you use icing or not.

Let’s learn about the shelf-life of cinnamon rolls and ensure that none of those delicious delicacies go to waste. 

Don’t have time, here’s a Quick Answer

Room TemperatureFridgeFreezer
Cinnamon Rolls (Baked)2 to 3 days 7 to 10 days 2 months 
Cinnamon Rolls (Unbaked)1 to 2 days 24 hours1 to 2 months (6 weeks)

How long do Cinnamon Rolls last in the Fridge?

One of the best and most assured ways to increase the shelf life of a Cinnamon roll or any other roll is by storing it in the fridge. 

If you have made some excess cinnamon rolls to eat with your friends or family or have some leftovers (which will not happen often), you can easily store them in the fridge. 

If your cinnamon rolls are baked in the fridge, they will last around 7 to 10 days. Take special care if your cinnamon roll is glazed or has icing.

Interesting Tip: To extend the shelf-life of your cinnamon roll, you can store them in the freezer, where they would last for around a month if unbaked and 2 months if baked. 

Cinnamon Rolls Served on Plate
Cinnamon Rolls Served

How long do Cinnamon Rolls last at Room Temperature?

You would be surprised to know that cinnamon rolls last for a longer time than you think you do. 

Though they are made up of some perishable ingredients, they all have a good shelf-life. 

If you have baked your cinnamon rolls and if those are not covered with any glaze or icing, then your cinnamon rolls would last for around 2 to 3 days outside at room temperature.

If your cinnamon rolls are covered with icing, then they would last good only for a few hours as there is a chance they may go bad. 

But, if your cinnamon rolls have vanilla glazing on their tops, they would last well for around 5 days, even outside. Now that’s one to go for.

Can you eat expired Cinnamon Rolls?

Technically yes, you can eat cinnamon rolls after their expiry date if they are stored in the fridge constantly, especially if they have icing on the top. 

The uncooked cinnamon rolls you make at home or buy from a store can be used after expiration. But again, they should be either stored in the fridge or best in the freeze. 

If they are, uncooked cinnamon rolls can last around 1 to 2 months after expiration. 

But it’s always better, and you should prefer eating fresh cinnamon rolls to be on the safer side, and fresh cinnamon rolls last longer. 

How long does Pillsbury Cinnamon Rolls last?

Pillsbury cinnamon rolls are one of the most famous retailing brands of cinnamon rolls and cinnamon roll dough. 

And let’s be honest, it is delicious, and you wish to eat more of it. With the same intentions, you bought some but forgot the packet in your fridge. You don’t know whether they are good to use or not. 

If you have already baked your Pillsbury cinnamon roll dough, it will last around 1 to 2 days at room temperature. 

And, if you want your Pillsbury cinnamon roll to last longer, you should prefer to store them in the fridge where they would last in good condition for a week. 

Or in the freezer, where they would last for around 1 to 2 months. 

How long do uncooked Cinnamon Rolls last?

If you are preparing some cinnamon rolls for the coming day but don’t have much time to prepare the dough but still want your cinnamon rolls to be fresh?

Then you can prepare the dough, cut them into rolls, and store them in the fridge, where they last for around a day. That too by assuming that you have properly stored them.

The uncooked or unbaked cinnamon rolls wouldn’t last much longer at a normal temperature as they would go bad within 3 to 4 hours. 

The uncooked cinnamon roll would last around a month in the freezer. 

How to Store Cinnamon Rolls?

Cinnamon rolls are a mouth-watering dish, and anyone and everyone want to eat them over and over.

But to do so, you need to store them properly. 

Homemade Cinnamon Rolls
Flavored Cinnamon Rolls

You can easily store a cinnamon roll using an airtight container or tightly wrap them with plastic to ensure they extend their shelf-life.

How to tell if Cinnamon Rolls are bad?

Cinnamon rolls, unfortunately, do get bad. It’s extremely sad, but you should never eat anything once they have crossed a certain time. 

This is because they would cause you some serious health issues. Hence, you need to know the cues to recognize that your cinnamon rolls have gone bad.

Cinnamon rolls have a great smell. So, if your cinnamon rolls have a pungent or bitter smell, then you need to do a taste check. If it doesn’t taste the same, you should throw it away. 

If mold or fungi grows on your cinnamon rolls, then you know it is better to throw it away. 

If your cinnamon roll is drier than you think, you should not consume it as it would not have the same texture. 


I hope that I have answered all your queries regarding how long your delicious cinnamon rolls will last and how you can store them for better preservation. 

It’s ok if you leave your cinnamon rolls outside for a few days if they don’t have icing on top. 

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