How Long do Chocolate-Covered Pretzels Last? [Store Bought, Homemade]

How long do chocolate-covered pretzels last

Christmas season just gave us a warm hug and went by. Christmas is all about treats, sweets, presents, and love. One of the best ways to show love to your loved ones is by gifting them, sweets. 

One of the most common sweets people like making and giving is chocolate coved pretzels. They are easy to make or can be bought easily. 

You may have some leftovers when you made them, may have received some, or simply made them because you wanted to eat them. 

But there are some pretzels left. You are confused about whether you should consume them or it. Are they even okay after all these days?

If such questions tackle you, then firstly, good job taking care of your well-being, and secondly, I am here for your rescue. 

I will answer all your queries regarding how long your chocolate-covered pretzels will last and how you can store them for better preservation.

Don’t have time, Here’s a Quick Answer.

Room TemperatureFridgeFreezer
Store-Bought Chocolate-Covered Pretzels1 to 2 weeks 1 to 2 month 3 to 6 months 
Homemade Chocolate-Covered Pretzels2 weeks 1 month 3 to 6 months 

How Long do Chocolate-Covered Pretzels Last?

Pretzels, the hard ones, themselves have a fairly good shelf-life at room temperature to start with. Now, you want to dip your pretzels into the chocolate. 

Chocolate that has been melted and used as a dip will harden depending on your pretzels. You can keep your pretzels cold so they settle down, or once you dip them in the chocolate, keep them in the freezer to harden up. 

These are sweets that are mostly given as gifts. Hence the chances of them being at outside temperatures are always high. 

There is a reason why this happens chocolate-covered pretzels can last well at room temperature for 2 weeks if stored in a proper condition. 

How Long do Chocolate-Covered Pretzels Last in Fridge? 

You must be a little shocked to hear this, but storing chocolate-covered pretzels in the fridge is not the 1st choice for many people. 

This is because when you store them in the fridge there is a chance of condensation, which can change the texture and taste of your chocolate-covered pretzels. This is also true in case of chocolate covered oreos

But if you have prepared a lot and are not going to consume or give them for quite some while, then storing your pretzels in the fridge is a good option. 

You can avoid the chances of condensation by using some tricks and storing them in the required way, your chocolate-covered pretzels would last around a month in the fridge. 

If you have store-bought pretzels and open the package, they may last around a month or maximum of 2 months in the fridge. 

The unopened package doesn’t require refrigeration, but you can store it in the fridge. Refer to the “Best By” date to know more about their shelf-life. 

Store bought Packed chocolate-covered pretzels
Store bought Packed chocolate-covered pretzels

Just remember that the best-by date determines the quality of the product and not the quantity. 

How Far in Advance can I Make Chocolate-Covered Pretzels? 

When you are in a rush during the festival or the holiday season, you may get time to make all the sweets or desserts on the same day. 

You would like to finish the preparation of a few stuff that can last long in advance. One such thing can be chocolate-covered pretzels. 

As we saw before, chocolate-covered pretzels can last in good condition for almost 2 weeks if stored properly. 

You can make your chocolate-covered pretzels beforehand for 3 to 6 months. This is only possible if you store your chocolate-covered pretzels in the freezer. 

I have heard one of my friends describing storing these pretzels by saying, “ Chocolate-covered pretzels freeze beautifully”. Well, indeed, it is true. 

Pretzels and the chocolate dipping freeze perfectly, and when you want to eat or distribute them, you can either thaw them in the fridge or put them in a good container when thawing at room temperature. 

This is very useful because you can prepare your pretzels way earlier; the best part is they stay fresh in the freezer. 

But it is a personal recommendation that tries not to keep them in the freezer for a longer time. As fresh as you can eat it, it’s best. 

Storing Chocolate-Covered Pretzels for Better Shelf Life

Where to store pretzels can be tricky, but how to store pretzels is a simple activity. It’s pretty straightforward. You need to know certain things, and you will be all good to go. 

There are different ways in which you can keep your chocolate-covered pretzels, and they all serve some or the other purpose. 

Before mentioning these ways, I would like to tell you certain dos and don’ts when consuming pretzels from the fridge or the freezer. 

If you can, you should try to avoid storing your chocolate-covered pretzels in the fridge. 

If you have stored your pretzels in the fridge or the freezer, make sure you thaw them naturally and avoid thawing them in the microwave. 

This is because the chocolate dipping would melt if thawed by heating the pretzels in the microwave. And telling this from personal experience it doesn’t taste good at all. 

And now, here are the different ways you can store your chocolate-covered pretzels:

Paper Bags

As a breathable material, paper bags are excellent for storing your precious pretzels. 

A paper bag allows moisture to dissipate easily, thus allowing water to escape. 

You can use paper bags when giving your neighbors pretzels as they live nearby. 

Thus, paper bags prevent staling or sogginess. You will be able to enjoy your pretzels for a long time. This makes them ideal if you are traveling somewhere nearby and don’t want to ruin a container for pretzels. 

Airtight Containers 

Using a zip lock bag, you can squeeze out all the air from the chocolate-covered pretzels. Either a high-quality freezer bag or an air-tight container would work. 

Or you can combine both this process for better preservation by putting the zip lock bag containing pretzels into an air-tight container. 

A plastic, glass, jar, or tin container will work well for storing chocolate-covered pretzels. Pretzels can be kept fresh for a long time in these containers.

Pretzels can be kept hard and strong by using parchment paper. Place the parchment paper in the bag or the container, then place your pretzels. 

Bread Box 

The principal objective of a bread box is to store bread. An alternative usage of bread boxes is to keep pretzels from going stale and fresh.

There is a little air circulation in the bread box, which lets moisture out.

As a result of the bread box’s capability to retain moisture, your pretzels won’t dry instantly.

It is okay to store pretzels in the bread box without covering them. 

Or you can use parchment paper, place your pretzels, and cover it with plastic wrap. 

This is useful if you want to give someone present and wanna wrap and keep it in some boss. This would be a cute way to do so. 

Aluminium Foil or Plastic Wrap 

When storing pretzels, plastic wrap shields them from becoming soggy. Chocolate stays crunchy and intact by doing so. 

As a result, soft chocolate-covered pretzels can be stored in plastic wrap without losing their quality. You can find your pretzels in the soft, fresh condition you had left. 

You can use this method when you have some pretzel leftovers, and will consume them quickly. Store the aluminum foil-wrapped pretzels in the freezer to prevent them from spoilage. 

chocolate-covered pretzels stored in Plastic Wrap
Chocolate-Covered Pretzels Stored in Plastic Wrap

How to know if Chocolate-Covered Pretzels have gone Bad?

Like all other kinds of bread, pretzels will go bad no matter how much you try. Whatever tricks you use to preserve it, you will not be able to save it. 

If your pretzel has gone bad, you must know how to recognize it. Here are some cues for you to recognize that your pretzel has spoiled.

If your pretzel has a bad or foul smell, do a taste check. If it doesn’t have the sweet wheatish taste and is bitter or weird, throw it away.

If you see any mold or fungi growing on top of your pretzel, which is quite often the reason why bread goes bad, then you know it better to discard it as soon as possible. 

If you have left your pretzels in the fridge for way too long or moisture has been caught in them, it would take and be hard. You should not use or consume such pretzels. Period. 


I hope I have answered all your queries regarding the shelf-life and storage of Chocolate-covered-pretzels. 

If you have any such queries about other of your favorite dessert or sweet varieties, we have a list of articles for you to check. 

Remember, Safe eating is Fun eating. Follow us for more such articles. 

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