How long do Blueberries Last? (Storage Tips)

How long does blueberries last in fridge, freezer.

Blueberries are proven to be a superfood. They are adequately sweet and, surprisingly, a great source of vitamin C. All of this makes them perfect for consumption, and they are our favorite berries in our house. 

If you always end up wasting blueberries stored in the fridge, this article is for you. 

I am here to inform you about the shelf-life of blueberries and how you can store them for them to have a longer shelf-life. 

Blueberries have a shelf-life of around 1 week, but this time could vary depending on how you store them. 

Here are some detailed facts about the shelf life of blueberries: 

Don’t have time, here’s a quick answer.

CounterFridge Freezer
Blueberries 1 to 2 days1 week 6 months 
Washed Blueberries 1 day1 to 2 weeks10 to 12 months 

How long do Blueberries last in Fridge?

Blueberries are some of the most delicate fruits out there. Hence their shelf-life entirely depends on how you store them. 

The best place to keep your berries in the fridge. You can either wash the blueberries or store them directly. 

Washing is not recommended as it may increase the chances of blueberries going bad. 

In any such case, blueberries would last around 1 week, around 5 to 6 days. 

And the washed one, only if you store it with the utmost care, would last around 10 days. 

Organic blueberries have a considerable shelf life of around a week. 

Blueberries freshly hanged
Blueberries freshly hanged

How long can Blueberries Sit Out?

Blueberries go bad quickly, but they can stay out for a little while. 

If you have bought your blueberries from the store and will use them tonight for some kind of pie or cake, then you can let them be out for a few hours. 

Blueberries that are washed won’t last that long outside as blueberries have a protective layer that gets washed away when you wash blueberries. 

Washed blueberries would only last hardly a day on the other, the blueberries that are not washed would last a day or two. 

But don’t let the blueberries sit outside longer than that. You should keep them in the fridge or the freezer as soon as you know you will not use them any further. 

Did you know: Blueberries are there around us for thousands of years, but they are commercially cultivated only since 1940s.

How long do Blueberries last in Freezer?

If you want your blueberries to last the longest, you must store them in the freezer. 

In the freezer, your blueberries will stay in their best condition for the longest time. 

If you have stored your blueberries properly in the freezer, they will last around 6 to 8 months. 

And if you have both frozen blueberries from the market, they will last around 10 and even 12 months in the freezer. 

Did you know: The readily available frozen blueberries are already washed so there is no need to wash them again. 

How to Store Blueberries so they can Last Longer?  

Storing your delicious blueberries is a fairly easy process to follow and remember. 

The methods or the process are mostly the same, but there are certain modifications in every storing process which can make a certain difference

Here are certain tried and tested methods of storing blueberries that I follow daily, which are proven effective. 

Freezing Blueberries in Ziplock Bags.

As said earlier, if you want your blueberries to last longer, store them in the freezer.

First, use a paper towel to cover the container of blueberries to store them in the fridge. You can use the same container they come in or some other container. 

Later, it is not recommended to wash your blueberries if you are going to freeze them. Just wash them when you require them. 

Then just close the lid and store them in the freezer. To thaw your blueberries, keep them fridge, where they will last for around 3 days after the thawing is completed. 

How long is blueberries good for
Blueberries seal packed for storage

Tip to remember: You can make ice cubes of blueberries and use them in your desired drinks. Put them in an ice cube tray and cover them with apple juice or orange juice. 

Storing Rinsed Blueberries.

The best way to store your berries to ensure they last the longest is by following the vinegar wash process. 

It’s not the actual it’s just what I call it. You have to take your blueberries and gently wash them in cold water. Then make a solution of water and vinegar. Add vinegar to water according to the number of blueberries. 

Later, release blueberries in this solution and let them sit there for a few minutes. Remove them and let them dry on a towel. 

After this, cover your original container or the one you use at home with a paper towel to absorb any excess moisture and cover them properly with an airtight lid or at least seal properly with plastic wrap. 

And that’s it store them in the fridge where they would last for around 2 weeks or even more sometimes. 

How to tell if Blueberries have gone bad?

Blueberries, as said earlier, have a fairly good shelf life, but they are, after all, a perishable fruit. 

Hence, blueberries are prone to go bad if not consumed in a specific time. Here are some cues to know that your blueberries are gone bad. 

If you see any mold or fungi growing on your blueberries, then you better know to discard them as soon as possible. 

However, there is a silver layer on top of the blueberries. Do not confuse it with fungi; it’s a protective layer, nothing harmful. 

If your blueberry is mushy, then you should throw them away.

If your blueberries have a weird smell, then it is better to do a taste check. If they have weird tastes, then it’s better to discard the blueberries.


I hope I have answered your queries regarding the shelf-life of blueberries and made you aware of the storage of blueberries. 

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