Hello, I am Melisa, and I am the person who must have helped you to know the shelf-life of your favorite dishes and enjoy them safely and in a Happy Way.

The story of HOW LONG DO IT LAST is pretty straightforward and simple. I love to make exciting dishes for my family. I have a huge family and we always get together for parties and celebrations.

I love trying out new dishes. However, sometimes due to poor judgment, there used to be leftovers. And, also when you are trying to make a different and a new dish, you wonder how long a particular dish can last. So did I.

The number of times I had to throw out a delicious dessert or some of my favorite dishes because of misunderstood information about how long they will last, is quite high. And, I feel like my skin is crawling when I waste food. I believe it’s the stupidest mistake that we humans can make. If you are anywhere like me, even you would hate wasting food.

Melissa Hill

In some discussions with my friends, I found out that many were facing a similar problem. I discussed the same with my mamma and she is a problem solver. She has so many tricks to preserve food and great knowledge of how long a food item will last. She had handed me down several recipes and tricks too. 

After years of cooking and shelving, I decided to start a blog on How long something will last so that I can educate a few people like me out there. I hope all the tasty and mouth-watering dishes are consumed by you all and less and less food shall go wasted. 

And that’s it. You know it already. Safe eating is Fun Eating.

If you got any doubts regarding shelf life of food ingredients, you can comment or contact us. I will be happy to help you.